If You Could Change Anything About Yourself, What Would It Be?

James Taylor
Connersville, Ind.
Schneider National
“Start working out or exercising more or quit smoking – that would be the main thing.”

Shellie Govan
Columbia, Miss.
McElroy Truck Lines
“I would quit driving, but I’ve been doing it for 19 years, so I’m kind of stuck with it.”

Troy Krug
Emmetsburg, Iowa
JNJ Trucking
“I wish I had gone to college. I would have studied accounting or something like that.”

Stephen Walker
Crossville, Ala.
“To have more patience.”

Larry Lane
Tampa, Fla.

Mark Corsaw
El Paso, Texas
“I’d like to be younger.”

Jim Carey
Massilon, Ohio
Swift Auto Haul
“The ability not to turn my alarm clock off.”

Auburn Nethery
Cullman, Ala.
J Lynn
“I would quit trucking and be a full-time minister.”

Jerald Culberson
Sylacauga, Ala.
J&M Truck Lines
“Income – I’d like to make more money.”

Tommy Graham
Warm Springs, Ark.
McNeill Trucking
“I’d like to have more
family time.”

Jerry Totty
Montgomery, Ala.
Covenant Transportation
“I love my job, but I’d like to make more money. The bottom line is if you total your actual hours – not your logged hours, but your actual hours – it won’t come up to much more than minimum wage.”

Kevin Dolan
Rhome, Texas
“I wish my physical health was a lot better.”

Peter Roeseler
Bedias, Texas
Vernon Sawyer
“I’d like to be at home more.”

Javier Vega
Forsyth, Ga.
“I’d like to be healthier.
We don’t eat good food
on the road like we’re
supposed to.”

Mike Roy
Alma, Ala.
SDS Transportation
“My work habits. I would get more exercise.”

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