Caught In The Driving Rain

You’ve heard of hail stones as big as golf balls? Well, the Yellow Transportation freight yard in Bedford, N.H., has been living under a hailstorm of actual golf balls from nearby Bedford Golfland.

The errant shots – some unintentional, some on purpose, according to Golfland’s lawyer – have damaged vehicles and buildings. They’ve also put two employees out of work (one bonked on the head, the other tripped by a ball), say news reports.

At press time, the two parties were trying to settle the reckless driving situation out of court.

An adventurous dog didn’t worry about the new flatbed securement regulations when it hopped on an empty trailer in Sutton, Neb. After a motorist alerted authorities to the hitchhiker, which was enduring pouring rain, officials at the weigh station near Waverly, Neb., began bringing in trucks and ended the dog’s 85-mile ride.

“The truck driver didn’t know anything about the dog,” Trooper George Owen Jr. told the Lincoln Journal Star. “He was just as shocked as anybody when he saw him.” The dog, dried off and in good condition, was sent to a local farm.

Ptui! The simple act of spitting out his window proved costly for a truck driver in western Germany. Half of a pair of $3,700 dentures left with his loogie, according to news reports. Police helped the driver search the section of busy road, but to no avail, at last report.

“That’s when he really started attracting wasps. There was jam all over the motorway.”
– A police spokesman in Berlin, after a German trucker lost control while trying to swat a wasp and spilled his load of jam jars, causing a two-hour road closure.

“He pulled up behind me … and said he was looking for a police officer to arrest him.”
– Vernon, Vt, Police Chief Ian McCollin, recounting “a very cooperative and polite” drunk driver operating on a suspended license.

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