What Kind Of Food Do You Keep In The Cab Of Your Truck?

Gene Boudreaux
Groves, Texas
Western Express
“Always apples and oranges, sometimes some ranch dip and celery and carrots.”

James Bennett
Alma, Ga.
Turner Trucks
“Everything! All kinds of canned goods, ramen noodles, packs of my wife’s cooking to microwave.”

Woldon Herring
Lawn, Texas
“I try to keep stuff that doesn’t spoil and stuff that doesn’t have much sugar because I’m diabetic.”

Fabian Brown
Greensboro, Ala.
Empire Express
“I used to keep lunch meat but now nothing but juice, water or soda.”

Terry Massey
Columbus, Miss.
Price Brothers Transport
“Vienna sausages, bananas, Cokes and chips is all I have right now.”

Larry Chavis
Fayetteville, N.C.
Pro Transport
“Nothing. My truck ain’t big enough.”

Jeff Cramer
Tustin, Calif.
“Canned goods, since I don’t have a refrigerator.”

John Moffitt
Lantana, Fla.
“I like cookies, oatmeal raisin crisps and bananas.”

John Hodges
Aberdeen, Miss.
Paul Hodges Trucking
“I keep lunch meats, sandwiches and water.”

James Buchanan
Anacoco, La.
Lousiana Transport
“Cold cuts, tuna, water and Pepsi.”

William Everett
Baxley, Ga.
“I like potato chips, chocolate chips and Coke.”

Larry Cathey
Memphis, Tenn.
Bestway Systems
“I have Doritos chips and water.”

Mike Hardis
Leakesville, Miss.
“Pretty much everything.”

Leon Lemings
Clinton, Ark.
White-Oaks Refrigerators
“A big can of mixed nuts.”