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Reader Rigs has long been one of our most popular departments. It’s easy to see why. Many of you take great pride in your trucks and enjoy sharing pictures of them. You’re eager to tell interesting background about a truck’s renovations, its application or its lengthy lifespan.

Most owner-operators don’t have the time, money or passion to compete in Overdrive’s Pride & Polish or other truck shows. Yet the Reader Rigs submissions show that many of you take such meticulous care of your trucks that they turn heads on the highway and stand out among the rows of mundane rigs at the truck stop.

So we’re excited to expand coverage of readers’ equipment with our online Truck Gallery. You’ll find it on the home page of It’s a free service allowing you to post photos and information about your truck for all eTrucker readers to browse. You can sort the entries by truck or engine brand, model and year. All you need is a digital photo and an Internet connection. And I promise: You don’t need geek skills to click through the few simple steps to make a submission.

Plus, all trucks posted to Truck Gallery will be considered for Reader Rigs as well. Integrating Truck Gallery and Reader Rigs will bring you the sharpest-looking rigs out there, whether you’re reading the magazine or visiting online. I think you’ll enjoy the collection – and don’t forget to post your truck, too!
–Brad Holthaus, Publisher

The Business Manual for Owner-Operators
Overdrive editors and ATBS present the industry’s best manual for prospective and committed owner-operators. You’ll find exceptional depth on many issues in the 2022 edition of Partners in Business.
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