Wegmans Picks Truckers From Its Own Bargain Bin

Calling grocery chain Wegmans “the best company to work for in America,” Fortune magazine cites its discount approach to hiring truckers:

“When the company opened a new $100 million distribution center in Pennsylvania … it needed truck drivers. Rather than hire experienced (and expensive) pros, Wegmans allowed current store employees to apply for the job. Twenty-one weeks later Wegmans had two dozen drivers with commercial licenses; they had previously been cashiers and produce clerks.”

Overdrive reader Paul Teutel of Gates, N.Y., writes: “It seems that Wegmans is another company looking to put meat in the seat.”

As the City Council in Lawrence, Ind., considers a ban on the idling of unattended vehicles – not just commercial trucks – The Indianapolis Star reports that many of the town’s four-wheelers are fuming.

  • Trent Bell: “I think it should be someone’s right to leave their car idling if they want to.”
  • Glenn Cunningham: “It is excessive regulation. I think it is ridiculous.”
  • Chelsea Wilson: “It’s cold out there. And I have a child. I want it to be warm in the car when we get in.