Trio Keeps the Hammer Down

Paul Brandt’s hit cover of C.W. McCall’s “Convoy” isn’t the only recent sign of Canadian country singers getting high on vintage diesel fumes. Now rising star Jason McCoy has organized the Road Hammers, a country-rock trio that’s all trucking songs, all the time.

The band’s debut CD, The Road Hammers, boasts covers of Del Reeves’ “Girl on the Billboard,” Jerry Reed’s “East Bound and Down” and the best trucking song ever, Little Feat’s “Willin,'” as well as less famous but worthy songs such as Chris Knight’s “The Hammer Goin’ Down” and 4Runner’s “Heart with a Four-Wheel Drive.”

There are original songs, too, such as “Call It a Day”: “If every mile I’d drive was a single dollar bill / I would park this truck and throw away the key / I would buy a couple acres, and build a little house / And you and I would finally be free.” Visit this site.

“Powder Your Hide Before You Ride!” is the slogan of a new cab accessory, Anti Monkey Butt Powder. It calls itself “ideal for motorcycling, horseback riding, truck driving and other butt-busting activities.”

The active ingredient is calamine, and a 6-ounce bottle is $5.95 at The webmasters welcome testimonials and feedback, but add, “Please no ‘before/after’ photos!” Ditto that.

Good smells to have in your cab: peppermint, cinnamon, lemon, salty sea air and – thank goodness – coffee, because they all improve concentration and relieve stress. Bad smells: fast food and fresh bread, because they make you hungry and irritable; and chamomile, jasmine and lavender, because they put you to sleep.

That’s the word from the RAC Foundation for Motoring, based in England. “The sense of smell circumnavigates the logical part of the brain,” says RAC psychologist Conrad King.
So next time your family gives you a hard time for coming home in a bad mood, blame it on the Whopper wrapper on the floor of your cab.

“All the equipment changes in the world will not stop the menace of speeding truck drivers

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