The other deliveries

Our industry has long said, “If you got it, a truck brought it.” That’s been as true as ever as relief cargo gets hauled to Hurricane Katrina victims. Trucking’s response, though, goes beyond the basics of what it does well 365 days a year.

For example, truckload carrier Continental Express donated three trailers full of goods. Great Dane Trailers donated 10 reefers worth $250,000. International Truck and Engine made available 10 dump trucks, five water tankers and its Shreveport, La., facility as a staging area.

The industry has been no slouch when it comes to digging deep into corporate pockets, either. Giving $1 million or more each to the American Red Cross are Heartland Express, Paccar (parent of Peterbilt and Kenworth), Bridgestone Global Group and the UPS Foundation.

These seven-figure donations grab headlines, as they should. Unfortunately, most people don’t know about the sacrifices made by individual truckers. You’re giving through churches and other local organizations, as well as through the programs of many trucking-related companies, such as the payroll deduction and customer donation plans set up by wireless technology provider Interstate Connections.

Many of you have written checks while quietly struggling to make ends meet on your own turf. Some of you have given your time and skills to drive or otherwise aid the relief effort. To all of you who have served those in need, thanks once again for showing this country that our industry cares.
–Brad Holthaus, Publisher

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