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Driver brings supplies, hope to storm victims
I am a police officer with the city of Gonzales, La., 40 miles outside New Orleans. After Katrina struck, our population grew from about 10,000 people to 50,000 because of New Orleans residents fleeing their homes. We did not have the manpower or resources to handle this type of disaster.

Tony Thompson, a friend of mine who is a deputy with the Blackhawk County Sheriff’s Department in Iowa, organized a relief effort. His community filled an 18-wheeler full of water, clothes, cleaning supplies, dog food, baby food and other needed items – all donated.
Tony told me Robert McCray, who is leased to Warren Transport, had donated his 65-foot rig and time to deliver this load to us.

This nation is blessed with people such as Robert, who asked nothing in return and will never know how much this one load of supplies brought hope to so many people.
Gonzales, La.

Hours rule encourages weariness
The hours of service change that became effective Oct. 1 is ridiculous. The first change was crazy enough because of the 14-hour consecutive rule. But at least you could stop for a two-, three- or four-hour nap, and it would not count against your 14. But now anything less than 10 or eight consecutive hours counts against your 14.

That really encourages a tired driver needing a nap to stop, doesn’t it? Some of us cannot even stop by our homes for five or six hours and take a nap, or it will come off our 14.
Here is my idea: Bring back the old rule (10 hours driving and eight hours off-duty/sleeper). Take portions of the last two rules and tweak the old rule. For example, keep the 34-hour restart; no split sleeper berth; eight consecutive hours sleeper/off-duty for solo drivers only. And do away with the consecutive 14-hour rule.
Madera, Calif.

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