This Pepsi float defies gravity

This pepsi float defies gravity
Thinking they’re actual photos of actual trucks, people keep e-mailing us snazzy graphics from the Rhino Rolling Advertising Awards, an October 2005 design contest in Germany. European truck tarps are colorful rolling billboards, sold by fleets as advertising space.

Those endlessly forwarded images, online at, were digital mock-ups submitted to the judges. Here, on the other hand, is an actual photo of the winning design on an actual truck, courtesy of Marco Fraleoni of Trans-Marketing GmbH, the contest organizer.

“This forwarded e-mail has been all over: North America, Australia, Korea,” says Fraleoni, whose company plans a second Rhino contest in 2006.

CMT makes an offer you can’t refuse
The new reality-TV series Trick My Truck stars the Chrome Shop Mafia of Joplin, Mo. (, which each week will “steal” a deserving owner-operator’s rig and customize it.

The eight-episode series airs Fridays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on cable’s Country Music Television.

Expensive fuel? wired says bring it on
In the December issue of Wired, Spencer Reiss explains the good side of high oil prices.

When gasoline and diesel are cheap, Reiss argues, no one wants to investigate new energy technologies, such as converting corn, coal and methane gas into diesel fuel.

“For anyone with a fresh idea, expensive oil is as good as a subsidy – with no political strings attached,” Reiss says. “Indeed, every extra penny you pay at the pump is an incentive for some aspiring energy mogul to find another fuel.”

“They will tailgate you, turn on their high beams and basically make life hell for any motorist that does not have a trailer. Now I know why they tested nuclear bombs in the New Mexico desert.”
– TransWorld Skateboarding columnist Nate Sherwood complains about truckers in the Land of Enchantment

“When I started in this business in 1970, trucking was considered a profession, and they made pretty good money. Now they are considered basically just labor. … They are not being paid a professional wage.”
– Howard Wallace, chief executive of the Los Angeles Harbor Grain Terminal, in the Los Angeles Times

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