Pollution terminator

Arnold goes green

Fans of the California Air Resources Board and its tougher-than-the-feds approach to diesel emissions will be pleased pleased to know that one of the 50 “crusaders for environmental sanity” spotlighted in the May “Green Issue” of Vanity Fair is California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, photographed in a heroic pose atop the roof of the California Environmental Protection Agency in Sacramento. He’s listed as one of the two “governors who get it,” the other being a fellow Republican, New York’s George Pataki. “Saving the earth isn’t just for lefties anymore,” the magazine says.

A May 1 People article about teenage prostitution focuses on one girl who at 13 suffered “the first of hundreds of forced encounters with truckers two or three times her age.”

“Prostitution is an open secret among the nomads of America’s highways,” the magazine says. “Truck stops provide the perfect cover for young prostitutes, who sometimes solicit customers over CB radios

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