Some warranties changing in ’07

Part of the drumbeat leading to the 2007 engines has been that with more lead time this latest crop should be better tested than the 2002 engines were. Exhaust gas recirculation and Caterpillar’s ACERT emissions control system are now old hat, though there’s still new technology to reckon with in the form of diesel particulate filters.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether to spring for the new technology, one factor to consider is the warranty and whether you feel the new tooling merits additional protection. As of mid-December, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Volvo planned no change to their pre-2007 warranties.

Caterpillar is boosting its basic warranty. Whereas it normally would offer two years and unlimited mileage for its C9, C13 and C15 engines, says Cat’s Nancy Bingham, the Pure Confidence Program for new Cats offers an additional year of coverage up to 300,000 miles. The engines must be purchased by June 30 to qualify.

The company also promises that if a 2007-model engine requires repairs that will keep it sidelined for more than 24 hours during 2007, Cat will reimburse the user for a rental vehicle to get the load to its destination on time. Some restrictions apply.

Mack is enhancing its towing coverage. Previously, it was 12 months, 100,000 miles, with no dollar limit. Its coverage for ’07 engines is 24 months, 250,000 miles, with a $600 maximum per occurrence. Mack also has added 50,000 miles to its severe-service application coverage, bringing it to 250,000 miles.

Beginning with trucks equipped with ’07 engines, Volvo is making its integrated customer support programs, Volvo Link Sentry and Volvo Action Service, standard for three years, though these are not part of the warranty program. These had been optional, with a few exceptions.

Engine and emissions system: 3 years, 300,000 miles

Major components: 5 years, 500,000 miles; DPF and certain other parts and circumstances: 2 years, 250,000 miles

Detroit Diesel
Major components: 2 years, unlimited miles

Major components: normal/heavy service, 60 months, 500,000 miles; severe service, 24 months, 250,000 miles
DPF: 36 months, 300,000 miles

Emissions components: 60 months, 100,000 miles, 3,250 hours
Major components: 60 months, 500,000 miles, 12,500 hours
Standard components: 24 months, 250,000 miles, 6,250 hours