‘Golf, piano and trucking’

Randall Hanes swam with the big fish when he entered his first truck show, the 2006 Pride & Polish, held a mile away from the downtown Dallas World Aquarium.

Randall Hanes says the 2006 Pride & Polish was his “first adventure” with show trucks, but show business is nothing new to him. A pianist and songwriter who played full-time professionally for six years, Music Man (his handle) has been in bands that opened for David Allan Coe, Travis Tritt and Dwight Yoakam.

Hanes also likes to whack a little white ball around acres of manicured grass, so while in Dallas last August for the Great American Trucking Show, he competed in a U.S. Truckers Golf Association tournament. His team finished third.

“I love golf, piano and trucking – not necessarily in that order,” says Hanes, of Mocksville, N.C. His love for trucking was evident in the lease-purchase 2003 Freightliner Century Class he showed in Dallas, to which he added chrome, stainless and American Superlite LEDs that appear green but burn amber or red. “They’re high-dollar lights,” he says, “but I love them.”

Hanes gave up the truck when he left FFE Transportation Services this year. He’s now independent with a newly purchased 1995 Kenworth T600 that has potential for showing, he says. “I’m going to enjoy fixing it up probably as much as I did the other.”