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Brad Holthaus, Publisher
[email protected]

Owner-operators deserve a special place in heaven for more reasons than I can count. One particular hell-on-earth that you endure daily is traffic congestion. It’s an underlying problem behind the trend toward highway privatization, which Overdrive addresses in great detail this month.

Congestion also was the sole topic of “Jammed!”, the series we published last August and September. The American Society of Business Publication Editors has named that team project a finalist in two award categories: Feature Series and Opening Spread Photo. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be announced this summer.

And that’s not all. I’m pleased to announce Overdrive netted six other 2006 ASBPE finalist spots:

  • Feature Series (in addition to “Jammed!”), for Andy Duncan’s five-part installment on “How To Cut Costs.”
  • Technical Article, for John Baxter’s “Going Green,” about biodiesel.
  • Editorial, for Linda Longton’s Viewpoint.
  • Annual Buyer’s Guide, for the 2007 Overdrive Spec Guide, edited by Steven Mackay.
  • Staff-Written Column, for Max Heine’s Dollars & Sense.
  • Computer-Generated Cover, for the religious tattoo image of “Faith on the Road,” by Tony Brock, Kenneth Stubbs and others.

Our editors work hard to stay on top of the developments reshaping our industry. They take extra pains to polish their craft. It’s good to see them get the credit they deserve.