Long-haul ‘Cadillac’

The Petersons’ International 9900ix took Second Place in Conventional Bobtail 2005-Newer at the 2006 Pride & Polish.

There’s lots of talk these days about running on corn, given the growing interest in alternative fuels. Bob and Karen Peterson put another spin on corn with Coonskinner’s Cornfield Cadillac, a 2005 International 9900ix that pulls a 48-foot stainless spread-axle reefer between their home in Plainview, Minn., and the West Coast.

“Cornfield” is part reference to the agricultural heritage of International Truck and Engine (a descendant of the former International Harvester), and part a nod to Bob’s growing up on a farm. When exhibiting at truck shows, the couple has used a model corn patch on the fifth wheel or actual corn plants.

“Coonskinner” is Peterson’s CB handle. “I used to raise registered bluetick hounds and show them,” says Bob, who also enjoyed hunting raccoons with friends. “I could skin two coons to their one, so that’s where Coonskinner comes from.”

“Cadillac” speaks of the truck’s simple elegance. While there are no flashy graphics, the main color employs triple-layered metallics – black cherry, plum red and burgundy, with turquoise accents. Chrome from United Pacific and 118 clear LEDs finish off the look.