See you at the ball

Brad Holthaus, Publisher

Truck makeovers have been quite the trend in recent years. From sponsored events at the Great American Trucking Show to television’s “Trick My Truck,” lucky owner-operators have seen their rigs undergo a Cinderella-like transformation at the hands of professional customizers.

Now it’s our turn to jump on the magic pumpkin carriage. Though Overdrive’s prior design was by no means road-worn, we were ready for a fresh look. In addition to the new look, we’ve expanded our content. Look through this issue and you’ll notice:

  • New typefaces and other design elements that make browsing and reading an easier, more enjoyable experience.
  • An expanded Speakout section. It incorporates the trucker Q&A section formerly presented as Speakout, our letters to the editor formerly presented as Writeon, a new Trucking Memories section and other elements that help make Overdrive The Voice of the American Trucker.
  • A how-to page. This easily digested, illustrated staple will cover equipment, business and personal topics to help you take better control of vital areas in your life.
  • An improved Gauges page. It presents more data on income, costs and miles by type of haul, as well as more key statistics on the trucking industry to help you check your business against benchmarks and assess your prospects for the coming months.

Our editors and Art Director Kenneth Stubbs have worked for months on this overhaul, studying the nation’s best magazines and trying different ideas. Let us know what you like and don’t like as we continue to shape Overdrive in a direction that serves your needs.