New products

12-volt dry cell 31-PC2150 battery

Battery strong in cranking amps
The 12-volt dry cell 31-PC2150 battery provides up to three times the cranking amperage of similarly sized conventional batteries. It features 1,150 cold-cranking amps and 205 minutes of reserve capacity and a deep cycle capability of 500 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge. The battery has a six- to eight-year service life, a two-year storage life at 77 degrees and a 12-year design life.
(610) 208-1991

Air-ride rear suspension
International Trucks is offering PriMaax 46,000-pound capacity (PAX 460) and PriMaax 23,000-pound capacity (PAX 230) suspensions on all PayStar and WorkStar models. Heavy-duty forged support beams, premium outboard mounted torque rods and a highly engineered cross brace improve roll stiffness. Large-volume air springs and premium, heavy-duty shock absorbers improve handling and control when changing lanes, ascending or descending ramps and making tight maneuvers.
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Double-duty light
The 177 Series DOT Light, only three-fourths of an inch in diameter, can produce a 180-degree spread of illumination. Properly mounted at a 45-degree angle, the model can serve as a clearance light and a side marker. Available in red and amber, it offers a low-profile design, an operating range of 8 to 16 volts and hard-wired, anti-corrosion toughness.
(816) 765-2000

Updated APU
RigMaster has revamped its auxiliary power unit for 2008, complete with a Tier 4a-compliant engine and a diesel particulate filter that cuts particulate matter by 90 percent. The APU provides climate control and electrical power while the engine is shut down.
(800) 249-6222

Diesel-powered in-cab heater
Diesel-powered Proheat Air Heaters reduce fuel consumption by up to 95 percent compared to engine idling, while supplying heat more quietly and efficiently. Available in either 2- or 4-kilowatt models, the heater includes a display panel for easy control and timers that allow the heater to be started automatically.
(604) 270-6899

Compact switches
More compact than regular relays, 25A MicroRelay Switches accept a load of up to 25 amps at 12 volts of DC. They allow smaller wiring between remote switches and a heavy current circuit. They are ideal for lamps, horns, power windows, fuel pumps, fans and lift gates. The weather-resistant switches have contacts made from longer-lasting silver alloy.
(617) 268-2100 ext. 203

Auto hauler scale
The onboard auto-hauler scale provides accurate weights for the steer, drive and trailer axles along with the gross combination weight and net payload. It includes a deflection sensor for the steer axle. The scale includes components from the 5800 Series in-dash tractor scale and the standard 5802 Series trailer scale.
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Aero mud flaps
By reducing the drag coefficient of the customary mud flap design, the Eco-flap offers a slight improvement in fuel economy. The new product can be customized with graphics and colors.
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Pressure gauges
The Digital Master Gauge/Inflator Gauge features a large LCD that allows easy reading of air pressure. The gauge automatically shuts off when conditions make accurate measurement impossible, and it can register vacuum pressure down to minus 8 psi.
(310) 347-1899

Tough lift gate
The Direct Lift Extra Tough rail-type lift gate is available in capacities of 3,500 pounds, 4,500 pounds, 5,500 pounds and 6,500 pounds in steel and aluminum platforms. It features closed-circuit, volume-balanced lift cylinders that ensure an even lift under any condition, without a flow divider valve. The self-bleeding lift cylinders, which are matched to gate capacity, help reduce installation time.
(330) 633-9191

Anti-idling system
The self-contained Eco-Air system is designed to deliver 10,000 Btu of cooling capacity per hour for 12 hours without using any of the truck’s other power sources. A patented DC Airco 12-volt air conditioner draws a maximum 46 amps. The fully integrated battery recharges using the standard truck alternator. An emergency start circuit enables the auxiliary batteries to be used in tandem with the cranking batteries when needed, virtually eliminating jump starts. The system also can supply 12-volt DC power to certain diesel-fired heaters.

Battery-powered air conditioner
This new battery-powered air conditioner has no internal combustion engine and produces no emissions, making it exempt from California Air Resources Board regulations. It cools for up to 10 hours, running on 12-volt power from a bank of absorbed glass mat Group 31 batteries with a 2,000-watt DC/AC inverter that converts the battery power to 115 volts of output.
(574) 294 2511

Oil analysis kits
These kits can be used to monitor oil’s wear particles, viscosity changes and soot levels, helping to avoid engine and component failure.
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