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New Stars to shine for InternationalClass 8 truck targets on-/off-road application
International Truck and Engine’s newest PayStar model will be the PayStar 5900i Set-Back Axle, a Class 8 vocational on-/off-road vehicle with custom factory options.

The truck features a new axle configuration designed for applications such as construction, oilfield, logging, heavy hauling and mining with front-load distribution and improved maneuverability, the company says.

Powered by Caterpillar and Cummins engines up to 625 hp and built on a standard 12.25-in. frame rail PayStar chassis, the truck offers a lightweight aluminum cab with an aggressively sloped hood for added visibility, the company says.

Other features include:

  • A front grille redesigned for improved cooling.
  • Outside air cleaners designed for improved air intake and reduced service intervals.
  • Upcoming standard wide-track axles for improved maneuverability.
  • Standard dual power-steering gears engineered to require less steering effort.
  • A new heavy-duty front bumper with tow pin (to haul more than 80,000 lbs.) or tow hooks (to haul less than 80,000 lbs.).
  • The truck will be introduced during a trade show in Las Vegas, March 11-15. It is available for order.

    Diesel hybrid-electric promises big fuel savings
    International Truck and Engine Corp. has started producing the DuraStar Hybrid, a diesel hybrid-electric medium-duty truck that provides improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

    The company says the DuraStar Hybrid can provide fuel savings from 30 percent to 40 percent on standard in-city pickup and delivery applications. International says the fuel efficiency can increase to more than 60 percent in utility-type applications when the engine can be shut off, but electric power still operates the vehicle. Diesel emissions are eliminated when the hybrid truck operates equipment – like overhead utility booms – solely on the truck’s battery power, instead of allowing the engine to idle.

    In 2006, International delivered 24 developmental hybrid units to 14 utility companies. “These units are now successfully operating,” says Jim Williams, International’s director of sales and distribution of new products.

    As part of the development process, International says it teamed with the Hybrid Truck Users Forum, which is a consortium of utility industry customers, Eaton Corp., the U.S. federal government and the Weststart/Calstart organization. “This was necessary to assist us with the cost of bringing this new technology to market,” Williams says.
    International Truck and Engine Corp.
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    Miniature LEDs
    Truck-Lite’s expanded 33 Series includes high- and low-intensity auxiliary lamps in six colors. Both grommet and flange versions require a 0.75-in. drill for mounting. About the size of a penny, the lamps are so small they can be placed in protective extrusions or mounted below mechanical features, unlike larger traditional lights.
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    Stronger flatbed
    Utility Trailer’s 4000A flatbed, with an aluminum/steel composite design, is stronger and more durable than the company’s 2000A while reducing tare weight by more than 400 pounds. Using the 2000A one-piece plasma-cut main beam webs and 80,000-lb. frame rating, the 4000A benefits from a newly designed 80,000-psi, hat-shaped main beam top flange of high-tensile steel. It features a Hendrickson narrow hanger AANT 23k spread air ride suspension. The main beams are contoured at the rear for uniform axle loading.

    Volvo calendar
    The North American Iron Mark Tour calendar refers to the historic badge found on the grille of every Volvo truck. The featured vehicles are working trucks. The calendar is $14.95, plus shipping and handling.
    (866) 332-3900 ext. 202

    On-board scale offers dashboard display
    LoadMaxx uses two common signal protocols to display axle weights on the dash. It also can display a warning when the chassis is on too great an incline. It has self-diagnostics as well as two programmable weight alarm outputs to warn the driver when axle group or GVW limits are exceeded.
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    Kenwoth introduces 4Ă—2 Class 5 T170
    The Kenworth T170 has a 4Ă—2 configuration with a gross vehicle weight rating up to 19,500 lbs. Standard features include the Paccar PX-6 engine rated at 200 hp and 520 lb.-ft. of torque, an 8,000-lb. front axle and 11,500-lb. rear axle, hydraulic brakes, low-frame- height chassis with 19.5-in. wheels and tires, and Kenworth DayLite doors with a right-hand peeper window. The 6.7-liter PX-6 offers the highest horsepower-to-weight ratio in the industry, according to the company, and has a two-year warranty with unlimited miles.

    The T170 incorporates a single-piece painted steel bumper forward of the hood to help reduce impact damage, and new Metton quarter fenders for additional durability and impact resistance. The new sheet-molded-composite hood is designed with a 90-degree hood tilt for ease of service.
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    Soy lotion
    Soy Blast Conditioner Enriched, a soy-based hand cleaner, is a heavy-duty, waterless lotion. Fine-ground pumice works with this environmentally friendly formula to remove grease, tar, asphalt, oils and paints. Soy Blast’s skin-care ingredients include almond oil, soy oil, glycerin, aloe vera, wheat germ extract and vitamins A, C and E. It also contains an antimicrobial agent. GENT-L-KLEEN PRODUCTS
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    Laminated nut keeps wheel joint firm
    Pacnut is a laminated nut designed to prevent wheel joint failure by filling the gap created when joint thickness is lost. Firm joint tension can be compromised by dirt, corrosion, surface imperfections, vibration, temperature expansion and contraction, and even the settling of excess paint. The product maintains sufficient force to keep the wheels tight by using Bellville washer technology in which the Pacnut “spring” fills the gap.
    (517) 488-2751

    Gel stops leaks, seals punctures
    Tire Lyna, a gel injected into the tire and wheel assembly, helps maintain proper inflation by eliminating air loss from porosity and bead leaks. It also seals tread punctures up to a quarter inch, the manufacturer says. Tire Lyna prevents the exposure of casings and rims to water, minimizing rust. The gel is activated by centrifugal force and the heat generated by friction with the road.
    (877) 847-3596

    Diesel fuel enhancer
    POW-R Performance Diesel Fuel Enhancer is designed to provide a boost to cetane, add lubricity, clean engines, increase fuel performance and keep heavy-duty trucks operating at optimum levels. Compatible with biodiesel, the product reduces piston and combustion chamber deposits, cleans injectors and reduces visible emissions and NOx emissions.
    [email protected]
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    On-/off-highway drive radial
    The new Bridgestone L320 on-/off-highway drive radial has an aggressive block design that offers superior traction and retreadability and is usable at highway speeds to 65 mph. The specially designed aggressive block tread and open shoulders dig into soft surfaces, such as mud and snow, for superior traction. To fight irregular wear, stabilizing tie bars link adjoining tread blocks. As the tire wears and becomes shallower, the tie bars become part of the tread pattern. This creates additional edges to “bite” into soft surfaces.
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