A transmission term, nine letters

Perhaps this is how the November 2000 issue of Overdrive, whose worst-roads poll reported the woes of Arkansas highways, appears in the mind of Mike Huckabee.

Because Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee kept mentioning our worst-roads poll, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart razzed us on air – and, like Huckabee, repeatedly referred to Overdrive as Trucker’s Magazine. Stewart feigned working our (non-existent) crossword puzzle, in which every answer is “truck.” “Every month, the same puzzle!” he said.

At his staff’s request, we sent him an actual cover, but it was barely visible as it covered a generic prop. Maybe Trucker’s Magazine is just funnier than Overdrive.

We prefer the term ‘road oysters’
A Virginia bill recently introduced by Delegate Lionell Spruill Sr., a Democrat representing Chesapeake and Suffolk, would outlaw any motor-vehicle accessory that “depicts, represents, or resembles human genitalia, regardless of size or scale.” “Putting testicles on the back of a truck is just too much,” Spruill told Norfolk TV station WTKR. A similar bill in Maryland was introduced in 2007 by Delegate LeRoy Myers, a Republican representing Cumberland and Hagerstown, but it lacked mojo. Will Spruill’s hang in there?

Side fairings could help
This should make you feel better about your fuel economy: The soon-to-be-retired liner Queen Elizabeth 2, on its final around-the-world cruise at press time, gets 49.5 feet per gallon. Granted, each of its nine diesel engines weighs 12 tons.

” My one dream job was to be a truck driver. I still have that in my system. I love being around tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers. I love working on large vehicles, driving them. ”

– U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, interviewed by Rush Limbaugh

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