Marketplace – December 2008

New Paystar targets severe service sectors
The newest model in the PayStar line, the International PayStar 5900i Set-Back Axle, is a Class 8 vocational on/off-highway vehicle that features a new axle configuration for applications such as construction, oilfield, logging, heavy-hauling, mining and recovery. The wide-track, set-back axle design addresses needs for front axle load distribution and improved maneuverability.

Powered by Caterpillar or Cummins engines up to 15 liters and rated at up to 625 horsepower and 2,050 lb.-ft. of torque, the 5900i SBA is built on the standard 12.25-in. frame rail PayStar chassis. The truck offers what Navistar says is the widest aluminum cab in the industry and comes standard with the Whisper Cab sound insulation package.

The truck is available for ordering now.
(630) 753-5000

Wheel and tire cleaner
Shoq is a non-abrasive, environmentally friendly wheel and tire cleaner that can be used safely on all finishes, including clear-coated wheels. Shoq cleans brake dust, road tar, dirt and other grime. It is biodegradable, phosphate free and non-flammable.
(312) 944-0465

Lug nut retainer
Safety Link’s lug nut retainer and torque monitor features clips that completely interlock around the wheel, preventing the loss of parts. If the nut moves more than 6 degrees, an indicator on the clip alerts the driver. The product is available in many colors and a new chrome finish.
(972) 789-1150

Long tread wear tires
The new 103ZR and 501ZA truck tires offer a compound tread design and casing construction that deliver longer tread wear and low rolling resistance. The 103ZR also keeps stones and debris out of the grooves and is made of stronger and more pliable rubber that generates less heat and increases fuel economy. The 501ZA enhances durability with a special compound for longer mileage and greater chip resistance.

APU models
Using a Tier 4A engine, the T4 auxiliary power unit is California Air Resources Board-compliant on pre-2007 trucks and can be equipped with a diesel particulate filter for California compliance on newer trucks. The T2 APU, fitted with a Tier 2 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-compliant engine, suits customers who don’t travel to California. All 2008 models now come with a serpentine belt drive to replace the generator and compressor belts; this means longer life, less maintenance and easier service. The new design also improves heating and cooling in the cab and comes factory-installed with a quieter muffler. Multiple exhaust options allow greater installation flexibility.
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Partner Insights
Information to advance your business from industry suppliers

Carrier Intelliset
The Intelliset trailer refrigeration control panel has new preset profiles that make programming easier, for better temperature management and fuel economy. The panel’s eight profiles include four for perishables and four for frozen cargo. The presets have more than 50 refrigeration parameters and are set to operate in continuous, start/stop, and high-airflow modes based on ambient temperature.

Pressure washer has four-nozzle rotation
The new Mud Cannon requires only a pressure washer hose and 5.5 inches of clearance. It features a double stainless steel swivel and spray bar and a spinning four-nozzle rotating assembly that covers 2 feet of cleaning area. The cannon can withstand temperatures up to 195 degrees and uses almost any type of liquid chemical or acid solution.
(800) 333-9274

24-in. toolbox
Spray Control Systems’ new 24-in. Minimizer toolbox is designed to fit into compact areas and is made of lightweight, highly durable polyethylene. Design choices include a top-opening/chest-style door or a side-opening/underbody-style door. It’s outfitted with a built-in cylinder lock and an eyehook extension where a padlock can be added for extra security.
(800) 248-3855

Cranking capacitors
Can-Crank Super Capacitors improve starting for all sizes of engines. These 12-volt and 24-volt electrochemical dual-layer capacitors, available in several sizes, have more cranking power than four group-31 batteries and repeatedly can crank an engine to higher rpms more quickly. They can be fully recharged in less than 10 seconds.
(613) 725-3704

All-position tire
The all-position XZE2 features a 15 percent increase in overall tread life, an optimized tire profile and four-groove design, and a 6 percent wider tread area for enhanced traction and stability. It also provides an enhanced chip-and-cut-resistant tread and a 5 percent reduction in rolling resistance for increased fuel efficiency.
(866) 866-6605

Lighter trailer suspension
The new Intraax AANL 23,000 low-ride/liftable integrated trailer suspension offers greater strength yet is 75 pounds lighter than the AAL 23,000 it replaces. Offered in ride heights from 6.5 inches to 17 inches, the AANL brings advanced axle/beam technology to drop decks, lowboys, platforms, tankers, bottom dumps and specialty trailers.
(866) 743-3247