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Brad Holthaus

I wish I could say I feel your pain about fuel prices, but I’d be fibbing. True, gasoline prices have been high, but not as high as diesel. And most of you drive more in one month than I drive in a year.

Whether or not you get a fair fuel surcharge, there’s more incentive than ever to cut your fuel bill. Here are some Overdrive offerings that can help ease the hurt:

  • ProMiles Online provides fuel-related services on Overdrive’s parent website, You can find fuel taxes and average fuel prices by state, updated daily. There’s also routing and fuel optimization software to help you plan the most fuel-efficient trips.
  • Overdrive frequently runs stories about cutting fuel costs and how to measure such savings. If you want to read one such entry, go to and look up the September 2007 cover story, “Aces of Eight,” about how smart owner-operators get 8 miles per gallon.
  • The Partners in Business program, produced by Overdrive, financial services firm ATBS and Castrol, covers fuel management and other owner-operator business considerations. The next free seminar will be Aug. 22 at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. For more immediate help, call (800) 633-5953, ext. 1301, and order the 2008 manual. You also can visit for manual excerpts and more information.

No one’s predicting a return to low-cost diesel, but you know someone’s going to get freight delivered. That can be you – operating profitably – as long as you’re doing the right things to be fuel-wise.

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