New products

Trailer refrigeration units
Carrier Transicold’s fuel-saving trailer refrigeration units feature engines that significantly surpass U.S. Environmental Protection Agency interim Tier 4 standards and California Air Resources Board emissions requirements. With a threshold of 0.3 grams per kilowatt-hour, the Tier 4i standard lowers emissions by 50 percent for trailer refrigeration units with 25-hp to 50-hp engines. Carrier’s Tier 4i engines emit 19 percent less combined NOx and hydrocarbons than the EPA threshold. As a result of various improvements, the engines are 1 percent to 2 percent more fuel-efficient and about 1 decibel quieter than Carrier’s previous engines.
(860) 674-3000

Bluetooth CB radio
The 29 LTD BT is the first CB radio to offer Bluetooth wireless technology. Calls from a mobile phone are synched with the CB radio, and a noise canceling microphone allows calls to be heard clearly over engine noise. A new auto-redial feature allows for one-touch redialing for the last phone number called. It also offers instant access to emergency channel 9 as well as tactile controls to allow the driver to feel where the dial is in rotation.
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All-position radial tire
The new X One XZY3 tire is an all-position radial designed for optimized weight savings and significant fuel savings in on-/off-road operations. It features a long tread life using a compound with outstanding chip and cut resistance, an original tread depth of 23/32, and a flat and stable contact patch to reduce irregular wear. Enhanced protection from stone drilling is provided by variable pitch groove walls and groove bottom protectors in the center grooves. The aggressive shoulder design delivers wet and soft soil traction, and co-extrusion rubber technology provides cool on-road operating temperatures.
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Air brake security system
The TS4A tractor air brake lock is a permanent installation into any truck with an air brake. The device locks out the ability of a thief to move the vehicle by securing the air brake valve instantly upon setting the brake. The TS4A retails under $300 and installs in about 20 minutes. It never wears, is non-electronic and does not interfere with any warranties; it is transferable from truck to truck.
(941) 575-0243

Wheel and tire cleaner
Shoq is a non-abrasive, environmentally friendly wheel and tire cleaner that can be used safely on all finishes, including clear-coated wheels. Shoq cleans brake dust, road tar, dirt and other grime. It is biodegradable, phosphate free and non-flammable.
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Electronic relay
Cole Hersee’s new 200-Amp Electronic Relay is designed for ultra-high-power electronic applications to protect motors and other loads from damage due to overcurrent and overheating. It’s fully sealed, making it ideal for environments conducive to corrosion and vibration, as well as temperature and humidity extremes. The relay reduces downtime caused by repeated replacement of conventional solenoids, while its solid-state design eliminates contact wear and extends service life to 1 million cycles.
(617) 268-2100

Tough dump body
The Bedrock dump body features contemporary design features and high-strength materials for dent resistance and durability. The elliptical radius provides a smooth dumping action. Hardox 450 Steel is used throughout the floor, sides and rear to offer durability while maintaining a low weight to maximize payload. Optional aluminum fenders can keep weight even lower. The I-Beam Understructure gives maximum floor support. A heated understructure is available for cold-weather applications. The product is available in lengths from 13 feet to 21 feet.
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Wheel and rim lock
The new Lugdawg consists of an aluminum casing that spins freely on a wheel lug stud with a high-security tubular lock inserted in the stud to prevent removal without a key. The lock has proven effective against theft attempts with wrenches and pry bars and withstands sledgehammer blows. The Lugdawg can be installed on any pilot-style wheel.
(888) 696-3332

No-idle HVAC
The battery-powered ClimaCab APU uses high voltage, continuously variable speed compressors and blowers to deliver 8,000 BTU/hr of air-conditioning and heat for more than 12 hours. The self-contained unit was designed for maximum driver comfort and requires zero maintenance. The Power Management Module responds in real time to external temperature changes, electrical load requirements and battery charge levels. The system recharges during normal truck operation and is compatible with 135-amp alternators.
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Roadside inspections guide
The “Roadside Inspections: A Driver’s Guide” DVD program covers the types of driver behavior that put inspectors on the alert; the top reasons drivers are placed out of service; paperwork drivers need to have ready; the potential consequences of a failed inspection; ways to make inspections hassle-free; and additional paperwork required of hazmat drivers. The guide also includes an instructor’s guide, 11 driver handbooks and other tools.
(800) 327-6868

Battery box
Dometic offers a pre-wired battery box for its absorbed glass mat battery-powered CARB-compliant HVAC systems. This new, minimum footprint, six-battery-position box stores the batteries and inverter stacked on two levels. The battery box has roughly the same dimensions as a typical auxiliary power unit, mounting easily on the side of the truck frame.

Automated wheel polisher
The VIS-Polish automated wheel polishing machine has been modified to allow for an array of wheel sizes – from 19.5-in. to wide-base steer. Software changes allow the robot to recognize the type of rim being placed in the machine. The system can remove oxidation, pits and scratches without the operator present.
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Cab heaters
Espar Heater Systems has introduced three new mounting options for its California-approved fuel-fired cab heaters: the Hybernator-On Frame, Hybernator-In Frame and Baire Necessity. Both Hybernators utilize their Hydronic 5 heater for engine-off heat and coolant circulation for quick starts in cold climes. The Hybernator-In Frame allows for installation between the frame rails without drilling. Baire Necessity is a window-mounted version using Espar’s Airtronic D2 bunk heater and doesn’t require permanent installation.
(800) 387-4800

Power washer
The new skid-mounted pressure washer Gator Skid starts at a 50-gal. tank size ranging up to 200 gallons. Other features include low-oil-level shutdown, thermal pump protection, first pull starting, a fuel-efficient overhead valve engine, automatic decompression and an aluminum frame with lifetime warranty.
(800) 333-9274

Fuel system
The Modular Fuel System is a cost-effective, bolt-on replacement for medium-flow filters. Its flexible design allows it to satisfy a variety of cost needs and performance specifications. A single-base head assembly is used with the modular components, which include a water sensor, electrical heater, visual water bowl, manual priming pump and life indicator (electronic or visual).
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