New products

The XDN2 Pre-Mold retread is an all-weather drive optimized to improve traction and mileage. The XDN2 features patented Matrix siping, delivering winter and wet traction from more than 1,300 biting edges. Available in 220-, 230- and 240-mm sizes, the retread is engineered with a two-layer compound: a top layer for wear and traction, and a bottom layer to maintain cool internal casing temperatures for longer tread and casing life. Wide, open shoulder grooves deliver added traction without compromising tread life.
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Filtration magnets attract metal filings
Strong Plastalloy magnets can extend the life of drivetrains and hydraulic lines by capturing metal filings, chips and other materials that otherwise would damage downstream components. The magnets also enhance filter performance. Available in various configurations, including a design embedded in drain plugs, these magnets work in temperatures up to 300 degrees.
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Suspension and axle saves 92 pounds
The Softek front steer suspension and axle combines Hendrickson’s Monoleaf steel spring with the rigid, box-shaped Steertek axle for improved ride and stability. At a capacity of 12,000 pounds, the combo enables users to trim up to 92 pounds compared to traditional two-leaf suspensions. Softek also comes in a 12,350-lb. capacity. The Monoleaf spring reduces weight and eliminates friction between leaves. Integrated steering arm and tie rod attachments increase strength, while the two-piece knuckle assembly eases the servicing of kingpin bushing.
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LED module
The Meteorlite product line now features high-intensity LED modules. The X Series features six or nine high intensity LEDs with super side angle optics that offer optimal visibility. The weather- resistant, low-amp modules are epoxy encapsulated for both interior and exterior use and meet SAE requirements. Both modules are capable of 19 built-in selectable flash patterns with amber, blue, clear and red LEDs.
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Rocker switch
The new Sigma Rocker Switch with alarm indicates the status of various inputs, such as door ajar, high/low pressure, high/low temperature and on/off status. This low-current input membrane switch is compatible with microprocessor-based systems and has the look and feel of a conventional rocker switch. Its silicone rubber actuator can be customized using laser etching. Options include custom colors, imprint and graphics, the shape and location of the LED lens and the actuator shape. The switch is water-resistant and can be used in adverse conditions.
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The ALL NEW Rand Tablet
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Heavy-duty audio
Jensen heavy-duty stereos are built to deliver high-quality, multi-feature audio while withstanding heavy-duty trucking conditions. The 180-watt JHD1510 and JHD3510 stereos feature AM/FM tuners, full iPod control via rear input, Sirius Satellite Radio capability, front panel mini aux-in jacks for iPods and MP3 players, station/channel lock, and full seven-channel NOAA weather band tuners with a weather alert feature. The JHD3510 also features a CD player with 40-second electronic skip protection.
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Warning lamp
The LED Solid-State Warning Lamp meets or exceeds SAE standards at 12 volts to 16 volts. It is operational down to 8 volts at temperatures ranging from 158 degrees to minus 40 degrees. Each lamp flashes its 18 LEDs with peak current of only 3 amps. The lamp can be wired to provide dual or quad flash patterns. Options include a yellow (amber) lens or a clear lens with yellow LEDs. The screw-on lenses require no tools for replacement. The lenses are made of impact-resistant, durable, threaded polycarbonate.
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Strip door
The DuroMatic Self-Closing Strip Door is ideal for reefer trailers. It keeps warm, moist air out of the refrigerated compartment, greatly reducing high-run defrost cycles. It can be installed on side and rear access doors up to 48 in. wide and is fully self-contained with no need for lubrication or electrical or pneumatic power. After the ramp is deployed and the hand truck loaded, the driver simply pulls a handle to open the curtain and unloads the cargo with easy visibility to ensure safe passage down the ramp.
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Brake drum
The fully cast-iron Vortex is a lighter drum with the structural integrity, reliability and braking capability of heavier drums. The design, with a repositioned squealer band and reinforcing exterior ribs, runs cooler by pulling heat away from the braking surface, maximizing lining life without sacrificing strength.
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GPS navigation
CoPilot Live 11 is a trip planner and GPS navigation system designed for Windows laptops. The software package features a redesigned step-by-step address entry, new clear and colorful 2-D and 3-D map views, and navigation services such as real-time traffic. A voice guidance system means drivers need not take their eyes off the road. New features include routing with specified height clearance options, hazmat options, toll avoidance and scenic, quickest and shortest routes.
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Refrigerant leak detector
The new ELD-1000 PRO-Alert portable refrigerant leak detector uses heated-diode sensors to detect reefer leaks as small as 0.03 ounces per year. It has dual-sensitivity controls: a high-sensitivity setting when initially checking the general leak area, and a low-sensitivity setting to home in on the exact leak. It is self-calibrating to neutralize background contamination, is sensitive to CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants, and eliminates the need to reset or switch for different refrigerants.
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Improved 5W-40
Rotella T synthetic 5W-40 heavy-duty motor oil features improvements in wear protection, soot control, deposit control, heat resistance and protection in extreme climates. Advanced multi-functional dispersant additives and synthetic base oils provide enhanced protection against the effects of contaminants that can cause engine wear and deposits. The oil also resists breakdown by heat for better protection under high temperature or severe operation.
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