My Kenworth can eat your bumper sticker

Vanity plates, bumper stickers and decals, whatever their messages, are “territory markers” that indicate aggressive driving, say Colorado State University researchers writing in the journal Applied Social Psychology. Makes you wonder what they think about big rig murals, light displays and grille teeth.

Still Early after all these years
A half-century after he sang his rockabilly hit “Rock Doll” on Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand,” Bernie Early has written and recorded a trucking album titled Highway My Way and a single riffing on a David Allan Coe/Johnny Paycheck classic. In “Take This Gas and Shove It,” a trucker realizes his rig runs fine on beer. Downloads are at Amazon and iTunes.

No Adrienne Barbeau this year, alas
The route is secret, of course, but if you’re in the Western desert Sept. 7-13, watch out for these Blues Brothers imitators (pictured) and the other serious joy riders who paid $20,000 per vehicle to enter the Great American Run ( The 3,000-mile road rally is inspired by the Cannonball Run, an illegal 1970s race that begat two lousy Burt Reynolds movies.

” I don’t have a truck business. I have a ministry. Everybody gets a gift. Some are doctors. Some are teachers. I’m a trucker. This is how I bring glory to God’s kingdom. ”
– St. Michael Motor Express founder Louis P. Saia III, grandson of the Saia Inc. founder, in a BusinessTN magazine profile. His 1996 vision of the Virgin Mary is described at the reefer fleet’s website,

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