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Brake drum
The patent-pending design of the lightweight Webb Vortex brake drum features a reinforcing center band and ribs, so this conventional gray iron drum does not compromise the structural integrity and braking capabilities expected in heavier drums. The contour adds 15 percent to the surface area and conducts heat away from the brake surface for maximum lining life.
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Lift axle
The Composilite RO is a lift axle for Class 8 roll-off vehicles. The 13,500-pound-capacity fixed axle fits flat to the frame for maximum clearance. Scalloped hangers help the clearance around roll-off cylinders. Positioned springs and parallelogram components inside the frame rails retain a compact 23.5-in. packing space; beams are spaced inboard 1 inch for additional clearance. Unique air-spring plates mount to the inside of the frame rail. It delivers 13 inches of travel and 10 inches of lift and weighs 905 pounds.
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Three-hose holder
Qwik-Snap quickly secures three air hoses in place with a single closing action that can be easily secured with a gloved hand. It eliminates washers and nuts that can corrode and make adjustments difficult. Qwik-Snap is made of noncorrosive durable nylon, which will hold up in extreme weather and resists impacts. The positive lock stays connected at more than 80 pounds of pull force. It adjusts to accommodate one 1/2-in. and two 3/8-in. hoses.
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Accident documentation kit
The DocuDent Kit allows drivers to record exactly what transpires during a vehicle accident. Easily stored in a glove compartment, it includes a reloadable camera with flash, documentation instructions, an information form, adhesive bandages, a pen a whistle and an LED flashlight with built-in tape measure.
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Tire sealant
Tire Lyna is a biodegradable gel that controls tire pressure, protects tire casings, seals tread punctures and performs in temperatures up to 370 degrees, its maker says. It creates no balance problems and washes off easily for retreading. Because it’s chemically inert, it can be used safely with nitrogen inflation.
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Lift gate
The ILT Twin Fold lift gate has torsion springs and an adjustable roller to help in folding and unfolding. The large platform, 63 inches by 86 inches, was designed for easy operation and decreased maintenance costs. It has a lifting capacity of up to 4,000 pounds and a bed height range of 47 inches to 55 inches. It features a thermo-protected, slide-in power pack that is fully enclosed in the mount tube and easy to inspect. Options include cart stops, a hand-held remote and extra-heavy-duty dock bumpers.
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Tire pressure monitor
The 360HD tire pressure monitor provides at-a-glance updates with a patent-pending Green Means GOOD indicator. It monitors up to 36 tires through wireless sensors, screwed onto valve stems, that transmit signals to a monitor in the cab. The driver is alerted through multiple alarms (audible, location, pressure and warning symbol), including a Fast Leak alarm to minimize costly breakdowns and repairs. The simple monitor has a digital LCD screen with backlit display and four-way navigational buttons.
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Automated fuel treatment
The STS-6000 is a fully automated filtration controller that runs at predetermined times, assuring appropriate tank turnover to stabilize fuel and maintain its top condition. It prevents fuel breakdown by removing water, sludge and tank sediment. Its patented conditioning technology reverses the natural
deterioration of fuel.
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Rugged LED
At 12 volts, Truck-Lite’s rugged LED flood lamp produces almost double the light of comparable vehicle-mounted products. It generates full brightness from only 8.5 volts for 12-volt models and from 21 volts for 24-volt models. The lamp has a die-cast aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens and is protected by a black-powder finish. Mounting hardware is stainless steel.
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Cargo crossties
The Direct X-Tie System increases the stability of stacked cargo to minimize shifting and prevent accidents caused by unstable loads. This direct restraint device works in conjunction with straps and winches to enhance forward, rearward and upward stability, offering up to twice the lateral stability over straps alone. It’s made of an innovative lightweight composite that offers superior strength with a working load limit of 5,600 lbs.
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