New products

Reefer trailer control
Thermo King’s new SB+ line of reefer trailer temperature control units includes the SB-110+, SB-210+ and the SB-310+. Every new unit comes standard with OptiSet Plus, which simplifies optimum unit settings, improves cargo protection and quality and saves fuel when used along with the features of the SR-2 controller; Optiset Plus also enables maximum shelf life for fresh commodities; reduced shipper and driver errors; a library of more than 500 temperature-sensitive commodity profiles; the ability to install 64 profiles per unit; and technology backed by research from food and agricultural industry experts.
(888) 887-2270

Reverse monitor
The SenseStat Wired Obstacle Detection Sensor activates automatically when reverse gear is engaged, alerting the driver visually and audibly. The waterproof sensors provide the location of an obstacle to within 1 inch.
(866) 653-5036

Disconnect switch
The High-Amp Double Pole Master Disconnect Switch can handle a continuous current of 125 amps at each pole, up to 36 DC volts. Engineered for trucking applications, the product controls two independent circuits, thus eliminating the need for users to purchase two separate switches.
(617) 268-2100

Oil vacuum
The Streamline Shop Series models come in one-tank configurations for used oil recovery only or two-tank systems for fluid recovery and refilling. The product evacuates hot, used oil at rates up to 7 gallons per minute and reduces maintenance time.
(806) 372-7559

Automated fuel treatment
The STS-6000 is a fully automated filtration controller that runs at predetermined times, assuring appropriate tank turnover to stabilize fuel and maintain its top condition. It removes water and tank sediment.
(877) 425-4239

Fuel regulator
The Diesel Big Rig McCuff enables drivers to safely fuel trucks by eliminating splashing or spilling of diesel. It also is designed so a driver does not have to hold the nozzle while fueling.
(888) 762-2833

Custom lube
The environmentally friendly, custom-made FG Lube lubricates springs, rollers, bearings, hinges and locks with minimal environmental impact. The product contains no petroleum distillates.
(740) 383-6376

Hand cleaner
The foaming Gent-L-Kleen Waterless Hand Cleaner removes medium-to-heavy-duty soils without water. It contains five skin conditioners and uses environmentally friendly ingredients that are petroleum-free.
(717) 767-6881