New products

Steer tire
Continental Tire North America’s Continental HSL2 (Heavy Steer Long Haul) steer tire is designed to wear evenly across the tread and increase stability. Vertical sipes paired with an interlocking mechanism reduce heat build-up in the tire’s shoulder.
(704) 583-8907

Oasis battery
Firefly Energy’s BCI Group 31 Oasis battery is designed to run primarily when the truck’s engine is off. Carbon foam electrodes transfer heat out of the battery. The low mass of the battery’s 3D cells and the foam help reduce vibration.
(309) 222-2600

Self-cleaning filter
The PJAC Ultra air filter cleans itself with short pulses of compressed air. Using UltraWeb nanofibers, the filter has had more than 200 hours of use during tests. Encased in a durable, corrosion-resistant housing of coated metal, it includes the Donaldson Vacuator Valve, which automatically blows away dust.
(866) 323-0394

Side vision camera
Voyager Super CMOS Side Vision Cameras are installed on the vehicle’s front fenders to eliminate blind spots. When paired with a Voyager Heavy Duty LCD observation monitor, they deliver real-time images that aid drivers in backing up, changing lanes, merging and making wide right turns. The cameras also direct bright lights so the screen is not washed out. They feature 102-degree horizontal viewing angles, so drivers can see up to four lanes over and have a reversed image orientation.
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High output alternator
Delco Remy’s 28SI high-output alternator is designed for vehicles that require higher electrical output, where reduced weight, improved temperature capability and fuel savings are also needed. Options include 180-amp and 200-amp with three mounting styles dual internal fans to protect the alternator from high under-hood engine temperatures.
(800) 372-5131

Map lamp
The Navigation and Emergency Light can be clipped to most surfaces or used freestanding. It features a red light for night vision and a bright white light for panel control settings, maps, charts and log books. The product has dual flexible arms for maneuverability, optical grade lenses for evenly distributed light with no hot spots, and 20 hours of use with three AAA batteries. Sensor switches on each lighting head turn on one or both LEDs. Two red LEDs in one head and two white LEDs in a second provide versatility.
(800) 922-3233

Portable GPS
The Commercial Truck WorldNav Portable GPS system ensures that routes will follow roads suitable for truck travel by providing information about restrictions such as bridge heights and clearances, load limits, one-way designations, and left-hand and dangerous turn restrictions and allowances. The product is made in 3.5- and 7-inch sizes; offers vocal directions; and includes touch-screen capability and more than 12 million preloaded points of interest. It also works as an MP3 and video player.
(617) 542-6220

Shock absorbers
RoadKing Shocks LLC introduces 2 5/16-inch big bore mono-tube shock absorbers, the biggest bore shocks available for Class 8 trucks. RoadKing shocks have 280 percent more piston surface area than standard OEM and aftermarket truck shocks. Features include spherical rod bearing mounting and two urethane shaft oil seals.
(619) 766-9207

Auxiliary power unit
The new Fleetrite auxiliary power unit from Navistar can reduce fuel usage to only 0.3 gallon of fuel per hour while idling, or up to 80 percent less than normal idle. It’s powered by a 14-hp, 2-cylinder Caterpillar diesel engine and provides driver necessities including heat, air conditioning and power for electronics while the truck is idle. A 60-amp DC alternator charges the truck’s battery while a 6-kw generator powers appliances and the engine-block heater. The control panel features a large LCD screen and single-touch menu functions.
(800) 448-7825

Headlight restoration
Clear and Bright Headlight Lens Restorer is a coating with a UV stabilizer that will recondition a cloudy headlight to like-new condition in less than 30 minutes. Cloudy headlights are caused by exposure to the sun’s UV rays and compounded by road debris such as salt, sand and stones. This product can be used on any type of polycarbonate or lexin plastic, including tail lights and blinkers.
(419) 438-8485

Aftermarket exhaust system
The stainless-steel CoolCuff targets the extreme heat that exits exhaust systems on trucks equipped with a diesel particulate filter. The manufacturer says exhaust temperatures at the tailpipe measured 30 degrees cooler than stock.
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The Business Manual for Owner-Operators
Overdrive editors and ATBS present the industry’s best manual for prospective and committed owner-operators. You’ll find exceptional depth on many issues in the 2022 edition of Partners in Business.
Partners in Business Issue Cover