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Hybrid tractor
Kenworth’s new T370 Class 7 diesel-electric hybrid tractor for local haul applications is powered by the Paccar PX-6 engine and features an integral transmission-mounted motor/generator, a frame-mounted 340-volt battery pack, and a dedicated power management system. Advanced powertrain controls monitor driving conditions and automatically select the ideal power mode, switching among electric only, combined diesel and electric, and diesel-only power modes. Electricity generated through regenerative braking is stored and used for acceleration, assisting the diesel engine. As the power requirements for different driving conditions change, a dash display updates the driver on system status. The tractor is available in wheelbases as short as 153 inches.
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Wide single reduces resistance
The Michelin X One XDN2 on-highway drive tire reduces the number of flexing sidewalls from four to two, when replacing dual tires, which significantly lowers rolling resistance. Michelin’s wide single tire uses Infini-Coil Technology-more than a quarter-of-a-mile of steel cord wrapped circumferentially around every X One tire from sidewall to sidewall. The technology reduces casing growth and stabilizes the contact patch. The XDN2 tread pattern incorporates Matrix siping, corrugated grooves in the tread block that provide a zigzag appearance. These wavy grooves lock the tread block as it moves through the contact patch.
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Auxiliary power unit
International Truck and Engine now offers an aftermarket APU that can be retrofitted onto any brand or model of truck or tractor and installed at an International dealer. The unit features a 6,000-watt A.C. generator, a 20,000-BTU air conditioner using 134a refrigerant, and 13,500 BTUs of electric cab heat. The cooling systems of APU and the tractor or truck are separate, and an engine block heater, powered by the APU’s generator, is the engine heat source. A serpentine belt drives the conventional, automotive-style A/C compressor. The A/C unit has separate controls inside the cab.
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Chrome visor
The Hendrickson Aero Bright visor for Freightliner Business Class M2 medium-duty trucks comes as part of an optional factory-installed chrome package on extended crew cab and day cab configurations. It matches the luster of available chrome options on the Freightliner Business Class M2, while its HAB material is resistant against UV rays, weather and corrosive materials. The lightweight design uses high-impact plastic and weatherable paint films with thick-sheet thermoforming technology to deliver a lightweight product with durable performance.
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Partner Insights
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Laptop workstation
CyberTrucker’s Third Generation Trucker’s Workstation mounts directly to the passenger seat using the seat’s existing hardware with no drilling, floor mounts, or seat removal. The frame adjusts in all directions.
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Reversing light
Target Light is a safety device that works by shining a spotlight area a set distance behind the vehicle or trailer. An additional lens of the side-marker lamps is directed downward to the road surface indicating a distance of approximately 12 inches from the back and sides of the vehicle. The driver can see in the rear view mirror exactly where his vehicle is in relation to his reversing boundaries.
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Air suspension valve
The new ILAS E air suspension valve controls the position of lift axles electrically. A 12-volt power supply is needed to keep the lift axles in the raised position. The ILAS E system can be adjusted to various pressure conditions for use on single or multiple lift axle trailers.
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Wireless scale
The TruckWeight Smart Scale for mechanical suspensions includes an axle-mounted load sensor, a low-powered radio transmitter and a small handheld wireless receiver. The load sensor measures subtle changes in the deflection of the axle. One handheld receiver can monitor both mechanical spring and air-ride sensors on the same vehicle or combination.
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Dry van has redesigned wall
Utility Trailer Manufacturing’s 4000D-X Composite is a composite wall trailer, with a newly designed standard side wall. The same aluminum exterior side skin panels used with Utility’s 3000R reefer now give additional weight savings without compromising the side wall strength or the 101-inch minimum wearband-to-wearband inside width of the trailer. The polyurethane foam core bonds the interior lining panels to the outside skin panels.
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Heavy-duty engine oil
Warren Oil Company introduces Lubriguard 15W40 Heavy Duty Engine Oil with Sootslayer Technology. Lubriguard has twice the soot-handling capability of typical API CI-4 engine oils and is recommended for use in both new engines with emission controls and in older engines, the company says. Lubriguard exceeds all criteria of the new API CJ-4 service category.
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Bluetooth headset
VXI’s BlueParrott B250 Blue-tooth wireless headset for truck drivers has more than 10 hours of talk time and up to 66 feet of range. The noise-canceling microphone blocks road and engine noise. The B150TK headset has over-the-head styling, a vehicle accessory charging cord and an AC power wall adaptor.
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Self-fusing tape
Rescue Tape is a self-fusing silicone tape with no adhesive. When stretched and wrapped under tension, it fuses to itself, creating an air- and water-tight seal that resists oils, fuels, acids, solvents, salt water, road salt and UV rays, and fuses within minutes. It is not gummy or sticky, resists pressure up to 700 psi, and insulates up to 8,000 volts per layer, the company says. The tape resists temperatures up to 500