Marketplace – December 20081

International hybrid truck
Navistar’s new International DuraStar Hybrid tractor saves 20-25 percent on fuel on city pickups and deliveries, the company says. The DuraStar emits a third fewer hydrocarbons and NOx than standard diesel trucks. The Eaton drivetrain incorporates an electric motor/generator between the output of an automated clutch and input of the automated manual transmission, recovering energy during braking to add back into the driveline during starts.
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Mobile wireless camera
VisionStat Portable, from Mobile Awareness, is a transportable wireless camera with a 2.4-inch handheld LCD display and is designed for towing, visual security, temporary use for backing and observation of valuable cargo. The night vision-enabled camera has a magnetic base to allow for flexible mounting. Additional features include multiple camera views, image reversal, and contrast and brightness adjustment.
(866) 653-5036

Battery isolators
Del City’s battery isolators can charge two batteries simultaneously while isolating the starting battery when the truck is using power that excludes the engine. The battery isolators work on negative ground alternators and are rated from 12 to 48 volts. They can be used only with batteries that have the same voltage level.
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Lock guard
The new Ranger Lock Super Extended Universal Lock Guard, from SGM Enterprises, protects locks over 1.25 inches long with diameters up to 0.5 inches. Made of hardened steel, it protects both the door’s locking latch and rivet in addition to the lock itself. Legs behind the operating handle increase resistance to prying while the patented sloped roofs deflect physical attack and protect the lock from corrosion especially in rain and snow.
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Lights improve inspections
Tracer’s Cobra and Cobra-Plus lights feature a built-in UV LED and white light LED that enable technicians to inspect hard-to-see components, such as pistons, intake valves, A/C evaporators, fuel systems, and radiators without disassembly. The TP-9350 Cobra has a 10-millimeter, 24-inch shaft, while the TP-935036 Cobra-Plus has a 10-mm, 36-in. shaft for inspections requiring additional reach.
(800) 641-1133

Cascadia chrome accessories
A new chrome accessories package is available for the Freightliner Cascadia. Made by Panelite, the new package offers two trim levels and includes options for cab panels, marker lights, fender and grille trim, and coordinating interior products.
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Ladder and hanger system
The new Step-Back hanger system for van trailers, from Transportation Innovation Products, can be mounted to a trailer’s buck plate. Step-Back provides the correct angle and leverage to safely mount and dismount the trailer when used with the Step-A-Side ladder. The Step-A-Side ladder is slightly more than six feet tall with handles extended, and comes in two interlocking pieces for easy storage. Two hangers and, for installation, grade 5 mounting bolts and lock nuts, and a mounting template are included in the kit.
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Synthetic oil meets specs
ConocoPhillips’s Kendall SHP Diesel 5W40 Full Synthetic engine oil is designed for lubrication of diesel engines with after-treatment devices. It controls soot, protects against wear and pumps at low temperatures. It meets heavy-duty engine oil specifications for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack and Volvo.
(281) 293-1000

Spray sealing foam
Fomo Products Inc. offers Handi-Foam, a black spray foam for sealing, coating and stabilizing truck components. Handi-Foam is available in disposable and refillable systems and features an application system with a heated hose that keeps the foam at a uniform temperature. The foam cures in 30 to 45 seconds.
(330) 753-4585

Charcoal air filter
Pure AirFlo, by Filter Clean Services, is a filter made from odor- and fume-absorbing media created out of polyester non-woven material that contains activated carbon charcoal. The filter can be used in truck cabs, tractors and other vehicles. In addition to filtering out dust, Pure AirFlo resists moisture and eliminates outside pollens, asphalt dust and carbon monoxide.
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Three-hose holder
Phillips Industries’ new Qwik-Snap three-hose holder snaps shut securing air hoses and electrical assemblies in place with a single closing action. Qwik-Snap requires no tools and has no loose parts. Qwik-Snap eliminates washers and nuts from the spring kit and is rated for more than 80 pounds of pull force at 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
(604) 888-2241

Roadside service
Tow A Truck provides members with 24-hour roadside assistance throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. For $129 per year members have access to 45,000 service vehicles in the company network. Membership has a maximum of five services per annual membership period. Services include emergency towing and road service; supply delivery; and tire, battery and locksmith services at a maximum of $400 in services per occurrence.
(866) 644-2869

Lubricity enhancers
A U.S. Lube line of oil and diesel treatment products is now available at Pilot Travel Centers, Roady’s, PTP, Sapp Bros., Pantry’s and Love’s Travel Centers coast to coast. The Upper-Cylinder Lube is designed to clean fuel injectors, while also helping to increase power and fuel economy. Other products integral to the company’s initial launch are U.S. Lube-branded Diesel Fuel Treatment with anti-gel, Hub Oil, Gear Lube, Injector Cleaner and Trans Fix and Power Steering Stop Leak.
(877) 875-8237

Urethane sealer
Big Sky Performa-Seal is a non-sanding acrylic urethane sealer. The sealant provides a uniform ground coat over repairs. All three shades of sealer may be mixed to produce varieties of gray.
(800) 328-4892

Wide track axle
Roadranger has introduced a new Spicer 5.24-inch (133-mm) drop wide track axle for heavy-use specialty vehicles requiring a high degree of maneuverability. The D-200W is available in 20,000-pound and 22,800-pound capacities and permits turn angles of up to 50 degrees. The axle features a patented purge valve for improved tie-rod-end life through the reduction of contaminants and improved beam deflection to reduce tire wear.
(800) 826-4357

Dock-to-dock navigation tool
Rand McNally says its IntelliRoute Dock2Dock solution is the first in the commercial transportation industry to navigate Class 8 trucks from origin dock to destination dock on city and inter-neighborhood streets. The navigator has been enhanced with datasets from NAVTEQ, a digital map database.
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