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Hybrid electric tractor
The Peterbilt Model 335 hybrid electric tractor is for beverage and regional-haul deliveries that require a trailer. The tractor utilizes Eaton’s Hybrid Electric Power System with an electric motor that assists the drivetrain. The system stores energy during stopping through a process called regenerative braking and then reuses it for acceleration. The company says that fuel use, emissions and noise are reduced.

Ratchet for tight spots
The Snap-on Dual 80 Technology ratchet has a fine-tooth gear with 80 teeth on a compact head – 1 13/16-in. wide and 1/2-in. deep. The teeth, the company says, provide a smaller ratcheting arc made for smooth movement and transfer of more torque. In combination with the compact head, the ratchet is designed for tight quarters.
(877) SNAPON-2

Tire pressure monitoring system
TireStat from Mobile Awareness, a tire pressure monitoring system, has sensors mounted externally on the valve stem to allow air input without having to remove the device. TireStat is preprogrammed by wheel position to accommodate installation and can be altered. The system also monitors tire temperature.
(866) 653-5036

All-position radials available in new sizes
Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions is adding two sizes, 255/70R22.5 and 275/70R22.5, to its lineup of Bridgestone R250 ED all-position radial tires for the regional and pickup-and-delivery market. The tires are designed to protect from curbing and tread cuts. The R250 ED all-position tire is made from chip-resistant compound and features sidewall protector ribs and five tread ribs with four wide, straight grooves
(800) 815-9793

Window film
3M’s new Crystalline Automotive Window film is clear, yet rejects more than 66 percent of incident solar radiation. The film’s metal-free construction reduces the typical problems with dropped cell phone calls and weak signals commonly caused by metallic window films.
(888) 3M-HELPS

High-traction walk ramp
Todco’s UltraGrip walk ramp replaces aluminum and magnesium gratings with reinforced composite fiberglass and a thermoset resin structure. UltraGrip is constructed with 60 percent open area to allow rain and other materials that could hinder traction, yet provide the surface area needed for smooth hand-cart operation. It offers a 24-in. wide working area and is available in lengths of 12, 14 and 16 inches. Drivers can order the new Lift Assist system featuring a gas spring to accommodate lifting ramps to trailer bed height.
(800) 999-3392

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Cold weather fuel treatments
Penray’s cold weather products are made to lessen downtime and improve fuel efficiency. Winter products include Winter Pow-R Plus for BioDiesel Fuel Treatment, Winter Pow-R Plus Diesel Fuel Treatment, Winter Thaw Emergency Diesel Fuel Treatment, Winter Blend Bulk Fuel Treatments and Fuel Prep Year Round Fuel Treatment.
(800) 373-6729

Strobe lamp
Truck-Lite’s gas discharge emergency warning strobe lamp uses a low-cost, cylindrical flash tube. Threaded domes screw on and off for flash tube replacement. Unlike older helical flash tubes, the new cylindrical design concentrates light for the greatest effect. The lamp is designed to operate on 12-volt and 24-volt setups. The light on all models has a one-year warranty.
(800) 562-5012

Satellite TV antenna
The VuQube mobile satellite TV antennas are designed for long-haul truckers. The products are 16 inches wide, 7.5 inches high and weigh less than 15 pounds. Available in manual, automatic and in-motion models, the antennas are available in the United States and Canada through King Controls dealers.
(800) 982-9920

Lighting system
Grote Industries has developed a modular power-delivery and lighting system that runs from nose box to taillight. Paired with Grote’s new Ultra-Nose-Box receptacle and other lighting products, it provides an electrical and lighting platform for trailers. The Ultra-Nose-Box includes double the standard number of pin connections, a push-on plug function, a durable glass-filled nylon housing, insert-molded pins that seal out moisture and corrosive materials, and replaceable parts.
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