Customizing for a new year

Brad Holthaus

The economy might be in the dumps, but there’s still more than a few well-appointed owner-operator trucks that look like a million dollars. For all of those who appreciate fine-looking trucks, Overdrive launched Custom Rigs last year with two issues. I’m proud to announce that Custom Rigs will be back in February and every three months thereafter.

You can find the issue next month, for free while it lasts, at select Petro Stopping Centers. Then copies will be for sale at leading chrome and customizing shops. We’ll also have free copies at Overdrive Pride & Polish events. To ensure you get every issue, call (800) 517-4979 or visit to subscribe.

Also starting in February, Custom Rigs will figure more prominently in this space in place of my column as Overdrive promotes its expanding outreach. That will include the upcoming issue of Custom Rigs, frequent website updates by its editor, Bruce Smith, and his appearances on trucking radio programs. You’ll also see updates on Overdrive projects on and elsewhere, such as our Channel 19 blog and the Partners in Business program.

Suspending the column reflects an internal move to better serve our advertising partners. To provide a more consultative approach for their marketing needs, we’ve done some customizing of our own, consolidating four trucking-related groups into a single Trucking Division. It consists of the Owner/Driver Group and the Fleet/Aftermarket Group.

As the new Owner/Driver Group publisher, I’m excited about the opportunities this new structure affords us for helping our customers succeed. It will ultimately help us continue to produce great products for your enjoyment and for running your businesses better.