BestPass offers discount on NY Thruway tolls

Updated Jan 6, 2010

New York’s newly launched 5 percent toll rate hike on the New York State Thruway can be avoided by commercial haulers, says the BestPass company, by utilizing the service’s toll-collection transponders to achieve discounts.

BestPass is offering all commercial customers a 5-20 percent discount on Thruway usage, enabling clients to offset the toll increase altogether.

“Our goal is to make this transition easier by making toll discounts available to all commercial drivers. We want to save people money in these economic times,” said John Andrews, president of BestPass.

BestPass offers discounts to all of its clients on tolls in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There is no minimum spending requirement, but discount rates are greater at higher volumes. The discount is available to all commercial operators.

BestPass partners with E-ZPass, PrePass and NorPass to offer both toll discounts and time saving weigh-station bypassing.

Savings from use of toll-collection and weigh-station bypassing technology also apply with BestPass’ fusion transponder, combining both technologies in one package.