Memphis police issue cargo theft suspect alert

Truckers and others should be on the lookout for three Cubans suspected of casing truck stops and drop yards in Memphis, the Memphis Police Department said Feb. 9.

Police detective James Harden of the Memphis Cargo Task Force said that the three suspects, all of whom are from Miami and have records of previous cargo thefts, were seen at a local hotel near a Memphis distribution hub at a truck stop. The three possess Florida CDLs and had binoculars, map books and laptops, detective Harden said.

The suspects are driving a Yellow Freightliner with a Missouri license plate 88A-POD, and a blue Nissan Rouge rental car wtih a Georgia license plate BWD-5730 is following the Freightliner, according to the police department. The three suspects may be casing truck stops and drop yards and be part of a larger syndicate traveling in the Mid-South, Harden said.

They were last known to be traveling to Nashville, Tenn., then to Miami. For more information, call Harden at (901) 680-0799. or (901) 258-0896.

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