Iowa starts carrier rule

Iowa has begun requiring intrastate carriers display their company or farm operation name and USDOT registration number, but won’t enforce this rule until 2011.

The state’s transportation department’s Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement will issue verbal warnings only until 2011. After that, a citation could be issued, which carries a $25 fine and court costs.

This new requirement affects anyone transporting persons or property in commerce with a commercial motor vehicle.

The department initiated an intrastate audit program two years ago, when it began discussions with the Iowa Motor Truck Association, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and other interest groups about developing an intrastate compliance review program. Data indicate compliance reviews have a significant impact on safety in the 25 states with this program, it said.

No additional requirements are imposed and there is no cost to obtain a number. Displaying the number allows enforcement officers to track a carrier’s safety rating and one may be obtained by visiting or by calling (800) 832-5660. 

More information on Iowa’s new rule is available at or by calling (800) 925-6469.