Transicold shows hybrid reefer unit

Carrier Transicold unveiled the Vector 6600MT, a hybrid trailer refrigeration unit featuring next-generation technology March 24 in Louisville. The unit provides high refrigeration capacity and delivers up to 20 percent greater fuel efficiency than its predecessor.

Along with the company’s Vector 6500 unit, the new Vector 6600MT takes advantage of Carrier’s Deltek diesel-electric technology for high operating efficiencies, reduced maintenance requirements versus conventional belt-drive systems, and an electric standby option for stationary units.

The Vector units deliver 59,000 Btu/hour of cooling capacity at 100 degrees F ambient and a set-point of 35 degrees F. For the Vector 6600MT, that’s 9 percent more than Carrier’s original multitemperature hybrid and conventional multitemperature unit at the same conditions. Capacity is as much as 15 percent greater than the conventional unit at a set-point of -20 degrees F.

Carrier Transicold said its 6600MT is suited for customers committed to green strategies, reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions. With the refrigeration system’s all-electric architecture, Vector units deliver about the same performance on electric standby as they do in diesel operation.

“By taking advantage of AC power, fuel is conserved, emissions are eliminated, noise is reduced and operating savings of 40 to 70 percent can be realized,” said David Kiefer, director of marketing and product management for Carrier Transicold.

The new Vector units share the same body design as Carrier’s X2 series units and incorporate impact-resistant DuraShell 2 body panels that open all the way to the top for easy access to interior components during service.