CSA 2010 rollout partially delayed by a year

Full implementation of Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 will be delayed to 2011, the American Trucking Associations said April 1. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s original plan was to begin implementing the program in July 2010 and to have all states fully functional by December of this year. ATA says it now appears that although certain phases of CSA 2010 will begin this fall, full implementation will not be completed until spring or summer 2011.

FMCSA spokesperson Candice Tolliver says that as part of the agency’s commitment to launch an effective CSA 2010 program, FMCSA is in the process of incorporating feedback received from the CSA 2010 pilot states. Tolliver says FMCSA expects to issue a Federal Register notice within weeks that will address the CSA 2010 implementation timeline and data preview for commercial motor carriers.

ATA says that as announced on its free member webinar on CSA 2010 earlier this week, FMCSA plans to provide motor carriers with a limited preview of their CSA 2010 data beginning on April 12. ATA says it will provide members with instructions on how to access their data as soon as these details become available. While this preview will include carriers’ safety events (roadside inspections and crashes) and resulting violations, it will not reflect carriers’ scores in each of the Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) that will be part of CSA 2010.

FMCSA also announced that beginning Nov. 30, motor carriers and the general public will be able to view more complete CSA 2010 Carrier Safety Measurement System (CSMS) data, including scores in each of the BASICs, according to ATA. However, as previously indicated, the public will not be able to view the Crash Indicator scores because of concerns about the quality of the underlying crash data.

ATA also says that FMCSA on Nov. 30 will begin issuing warning letters to deficient carriers, but will not utilize the full range of CSA 2010 interventions. Instead, FMCSA will use the CSMS instead of Safestat to prioritize carriers for standard onsite compliance reviews.