Feature Article: Ride the wind

Ride the wind

Kenworth unveils aerodynamic T700 model.

By Max Kvidera

The Model T700 has 3.5 percent less drag compared to the T660, 5 percent less drag compared to the T2000.The Model T700 has 3.5 percent less drag compared to the T660, 5 percent less drag compared to the T2000.

The new Model T700 is the most aerodynamic truck in Kenworth’s history, say company officials. The T700, estimated to be 1.5 percent more fuel efficient than the T660, replaces Kenworth’s former aerodynamic standard, the T2000.

Exterior features include a corrosion-resistant aluminum wire mesh grille to protect cooling system components. The hood consists of three pieces to enhance repair, while its ball-and-socket closing system is designed to ensure proper hood placement. To help optimize airflow, the aerodynamic high roof has flush-mounted LED marker lights and no exterior sun visor.

The aerodynamic bumper and chassis fairings are made of ThermoPlastic Olefin, a UV-stable material that helps minimize fading and has improved impact resistance.

The T700 provides standard halogen projector headlamps and optional Xenon headlamps that offer a threefold and 11-fold increase, respectively, in bulb life compared to conventional sealed beams.

The roomy T700 sleeper features an 8-foot cathedral ceiling, with plenty of space to sit upright in the upper bunk of the standard 75-inch Aerodyne sleeper. The sleeper includes a 42-inch liftable lower bunk, pull-out desk, 60-plus cubic feet of storage choices and Xenon incandescent lightbulbs.

Also on the inside is the new PC-based in-dash Kenworth NavPlus system, with eight gigabytes of memory and functions such as truck-specific navigation, vehicle data monitoring, hands-free phoning and optional Internet access. Kenworth NavPlus is standard on T700 premium trim offerings and optional for all other trim levels.

Leading Kenworth’s engine lineup is the new 2010 Paccar MX engine. The engine is available with a range of 380 to 485 horsepower and torque outputs up to 1,750 lb.-ft.

With the T700, Kenworth has also added the Eaton UltraShift Plus automated transmission as an option. The transmission is available in 10- to 18-speed configurations with torque capabilities ranging from 1,450 to 2,050 lb.-ft. n

Model T700

ENGINE: Paccar MX, Cummins ISX15

TRANSMISSION: Eaton Fuller 9-, 10-, 13-, 15- and 18-speed manual; Eaton Fuller 10-, 13- and 18-speed automated

FRONT AXLES: Dana Spicer 12,000 lb., 13,200 lb. and 14,600 lb.

REAR AXLE (SINGLE): Dana Spicer 23,000 lb., 26,000 lb.

REAR AXLE (TANDEM): Dana Spicer 40,000 lb., 46,000 lb.

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