Stolen pharmaceutical truckload recovered

Updated Jun 29, 2010

Global logistics security provider FreightWatch International recovered a full truckload of pharmaceutical products on I-81 in Tennessee June 25.

The truck and trailer, driven by a two person team, was stolen at 9 p.m. in Glade Springs, Va., from a truck stop along I-81 when it was left unattended by the drivers who were eating dinner in an adjoining restaurant.

FreightWatch’s covert tracking devices were embedded in the load, allowing FreightWatch to track and pinpoint the trailer’s exact location, and make a full recovery. The stolen trailer was found at a truck stop in Tennessee along I-81, local police were dispatched, and the load secured.

“Over the last few years, FreightWatch has recovered tens of millions of dollars in stolen pharmaceutical products,” said Ron Greene, general manager of FreightWatch International USA. “With recent increased interest by cargo thieves in pharmaceutical goods, it is imperative that pharmaceutical companies use layered solutions to prevent theft or recover in the event a load is stolen. Tracking devices, such as the ones used in this recovery situation are just one part of the solution. Companies that use full solutions experience even less theft.”

Pharmaceutical products pose a particular problem when stolen because many make their way onto drug store shelves, increasing risk to consumers. FreightWatch has recovered multiple stolen full truck loads of pharmaceuticals.

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