Atlanta bridge under construction

The Georgia Department of Transportation is using $8.8 million in federal funds to build a new bridge to replace the current Mitchell Street Bridge in downtown Atlanta that was closed to traffic in March 2008.

The bridge, which crosses over the Norfolk Southern Railroad, served as a vital link to downtown Atlanta and was used by heavy trucks, transit buses and daily commuters.

The Mitchell Street Bridge, originally built in 1924 and reconstructed in 1940, carried more than 6,800 vehicles daily. Replacement was necessary because of its deteriorating condition. The new bridge will reconnect portions of downtown Atlanta and improve traffic options near the Atlanta Federal Center, Georgia Dome, CNN Center and other downtown attractions.

To date, Georgia has obligated all of its $895.7 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act highway funds for 369 projects. Of the 369 projects, 71 have been completed, and 252 are under way.