Extended service interval grease

Chevron Products Co. introduced an extended service interval grease called Delo Grease ESI March 31 in Louisville, Ky.

Jim Gambill, manager of direct marketing, said, “Many fleets have gone to extended drain intervals. This is a new product designed to support that.” Although not a synthetic grease, Gambill described it as “a 30,000-35,000-mile grease.”

Chevron recommends following factory drain intervals for engine oil. “But you can’t always get in on time for the next oil change,” Gambill said. “This product will protect the chassis components until you get back to the maintenance shop.”

Gambill said the product was developed via extensive research and “trial and error” to find an ideal formulation. Chevron researchers found the proper combination of thickeners and other additives was more important than including a synthetic base oil. “We wanted something people could afford,” so the grease will be priced “competitively,” he added.

The grease is not intended for the extreme cold temperatures of Alaska or northern Canada, but is quite suitable “from Maine to California, and from 0 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit,” Gambill said.

In terms of viscosity, it could be classified somewhere between NGLI No. 1 and No. 2 greases, he said. “It pumps well in the central systems used in many fleet shops,” he said. “Extensive testing over a two-year period has shown it has high resistance to washout, gives excellent bearing life, and rust protection. Even if you don’t run extended drains, you can still benefit from using it because of the extra protection it provides,” he added.

Gambill said the product is an “all around grease,” designed for general chassis purposes—from the fifth wheel to wheel bearings.