Missouri, North Carolina issue trucking waivers

Missouri and North Carolina have temporarily lifted some trucking regulations to cope with damage left by recent storms and tornadoes.

On April 26, Missouri began its waiver for overweight trucks hauling farm commodities from flooded areas to dryer storage locations. Farmers, private and for-hire carriers may haul up to 10 percent more than their licensed weight on Missouri highways, but not interstate routes.

Overweight permits will not be required, but the waiver for carriers is limited to transporting commodities from the farm to another facility, transportation between facilities and empty return trips within the state.

Also, when crossing a bridge, the driver must restrict speed to 30 mph and center the truck between the two bridge lanes and yield to oncoming traffic.

On April 18, North Carolina began a 30-day waiver of hours-of-service rules and certain size and weight restrictions for truckers transporting essential fuels, food, water, medical supplies, and those involved in restoring utilities and removing debris.

Providers of these services are also waived from temporary trip permits and quarterly fuel tax. Non-participants in North Carolina’s International Registration Plan delivering the needed goods or services will be permitted.

Size and weight restrictions and penalties have not been waived when:

  • Vehicle weight exceeds the maximum gross weight established by the manufacturer or 90,000 pounds gross weight, whichever is less.
  • Tandem axle weight exceeds 42,000 pounds and the single axle weight exceeds 22,000 pounds.
  • Vehicle/vehicle combination exceeds 12 feet in width and has a total overall vehicle combination length of 75 feet from bumper to bumper.

Affected trucks and combinations still will be required to have a yellow banner on the front and rear. If operating between sunset and sunrise, the state continues to mandate a certified escort for loads exceeding 8-feet 6-inches in width.

The registration requirements for intrastate and interstate for-hire authority are waived, but the required insurance limits continue.

More information on Missouri’s suspension of these regulations is available here, while details of North Carolina’s measure may be read here.

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