Minnesota rest areas, DVS office reopen

Minnesota’s public rest areas and its driver and vehicle services division have reopened.

All rest areas reopened that were operating on June 30, the day before the shutdown of government services, the state’s transportation department announced July 22. Some locations were closed for various reasons, such as repairs, before the 20-day shutdown.

On July 21, Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Driver and Vehicle Services division reopened, according to the state trucking association. The pro-rate office can process IRP and IFTA transactions.

Applicants with road tests scheduled for July 21 and after will be able to take tests at the times already scheduled. Those who had tests scheduled during the shutdown should call (651) 284-1000 to reschedule tests, the association stated.

On July 20, Gov. Mark Dayton signed into law budget and bonding bills the Legislature approved during a special session earlier in the day. State officials shut down government services except for vital services such as state police.

More DVS information is available by calling (651) 296-6911 or visiting its website here.