Trucker holiday gift ideas fun to functional

Until truckers can give or receive the best Christmas presents, such as cheaper diesel or fewer road hassles, here are gift ideas costing $2 to $250.

Even die-hard traditionalists are praising e-book readers, which can download and store 1,000 to 3,000 books, depending upon the model. Users can buy or rent downloads or read zillions of free e-books available through numerous e-book or public library websites. Most models now have wireless connectivity, or if you pay more, 3G capabilities.

Black-and-white e-ink readers may cost $69 to $149 and color LCD media tablets range from $200 to $249.

Watching lesser known trucker movies on DVD could be fun, such as “Hell Drivers,” available online for $21.53. This 1957 British movie about truckers employed by a corrupt company features actor Sean Connery, who definitely is not driving a sports car as he did later in his James Bond role.

Truckers may enjoy seeing old trucks in “Classic Trucking Films DVD:1930s-1940s 18 Wheelers, Big Rigs, Truck Freight Driving Films Including Transportation & Safety Films.” This self-explanatory but cumbersomely titled DVD is a collection of vintage film clips and can be found online for $12.99 and up.

The collector’s edition of an old favorite “Smokey and the Bandit” (1977) offers extra features, including a short piece on making the movie. New DVDs are selling online beginning at $5.91 and $1.60 for used.

Those on your gift list might like branded merchandise available from truck makers online. Peterbilt, for example, offers clothing and gifts with the Pete logo at

A practical gift of rolls of quarters and the convenience of laundry sheets might be thoughtful. Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets can wash 44 loads and retails for less than $10.

A cab fan can provide relief and is available online and at truck stops, including Iowa 80, headquartered in Walcott, Iowa, with additional other locations. An oscillating 12-volt clam-shell model is $29.99 and the 12-volt box fan is $72.99.

Trucking business guides might be helpful such as Partners in Business’ Business Manual for Owner-Operators or CCJ’s Air Brake Book. Prices start at $12.95 for a digital download and printed book prices begin at $14.95, if ordering in bulk.

On the lighter side, Overdrive’s 50th anniversary commemorative T-shirts are $15 and Pride & Polish Custom Combos 2012 calendars are $19.95. The books, T-shirts, calendar and other items may be purchased at

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