Missouri I-70 hearing set

A public hearing to talk about tolling I-70 in Missouri is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 17, and Wednesday, Jan. 18, at 1 p.m. in House Hearing Room 3 of the state capitol in Jefferson City.

The state House of Representatives Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight is scheduled to meet in January to discuss I-70 funding.

State transportation officials have proposed long-term plans to pay for reconstructing I-70, which they say needs major repairs. Options include privatizing the 250 miles of I-70 from Kansas City to St. Louis and charging tolls, temporarily increasing the state sales tax and earmarking funds to highways, or raising the state fuel tax, which is 17 cents a gallon.

Missouri Department of Transportation estimates the cost to rebuild I-70 from $2 billion to $4 billion.

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