Looking forward to BCO Appreciation Days

Updated Jan 25, 2012

I learned today that we have generous neighbors in the gated community in which our Florida vacation house is located. Learned when one of them offered to let us use her car for a few days.

Diane and I woke up this morning in this house. We plan to stay until mid-February. Today was mostly the same as the other vacation days we have spent here; delightful!

Our minds are shifting to an upcoming trip to Jacksonville for Landstar BCO Appreciation Days. We were called contractors at our former carrier. Landstar calls us BCOs (business capacity owners). The upcoming event is hosted by Landstar every year. Being new to Landstar, this is the first opportunity we have to attend. We have heard it is quite the shindig and are looking forward to it.

Because we are on the road in a truck so much, we do not own a car. The rental car we had reserved for the trip was canceled when a neighbor offered to let us borrow her car instead. Nice!

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