Liking it in Florida

Updated Feb 6, 2012

I learned today more about the community in which our Florida vacation house is located. Learned by interacting with our neighbors and other people there.

Diane and I woke up this morning in that house where we plan to stay until mid-February. One of the great things about the place is the people. Three neighbors have offered to lend us their cars. Our lawn care guy lives in the park. A long visit with him today brought us up to date on park and area news from that source. The more time we spend here and the more we learn, the more we like it here.

Today was mostly the same as the other vacation days we have spent here. Different were the phone calls to and from a number of truck driver friends who are out on the road. We are leaving for Jacksonville, Fla., tomorrow to attend Landstar BCO Appreciation Days. Drivers are checking in with each other to see who can make it and who will stay out on the road.