An owner-operator’s guide to success

Updated Jan 30, 2012

I learned today today that American Truck Business Service has a new version of their owner-operator book out. Learned by seeing and picking up a copy in the exhibitor tent at Landstar BCO Appreciation Days. I also learned more about Diane’s and my carrier of choice.

We woke up this morning at a hotel near Landstar headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla. Like all other BCOs here, we are hotel guests courtesy of the company. We spent the day at the Landstar event.

The schedule was the same as yesterday. When it came time to go to the breakout sessions Diane and I went to different ones and shared our notes when we got back to the hotel. I went back to the same session we both attended yesterday. It was for Landstar Express America people.

The speakers covered the same information as I expected they would. I did not go to hear that. I went to hear the questions and comments of the BCOs who were there but were not at yesterday’s session. I took a seat in the very back and privately resolved to keep my mouth shut and ears open.

I actually managed to do that with one exception, when I offered a brief comment. The strategy worked. I learned a good deal of new information by listening to the questions asked by BCOs who have been with the company longer than me, and to the answers given. With different people in the room, different information came out.

• I have recommended the ATBS book to my blog readers before, and to people in the audience at events where I am one of the speakers. It is the single-best introduction to running a one-truck business that I know. The current title is Build Your Business: An Owner-operator’s Guide to Success. The cover price is $14.95. You can order a copy by phone. Call ATBS at (888) 640-4829.

If you are thinking about getting into trucking or are in trucking and want to improve your business practices, spend the money and get this book.