A not-crazy part of New Jersey, who woulda thunk?

Updated May 10, 2012

I learned today about an area in New Jersey looked totally different than what I previously believed New Jersey to be. Learned by seeing it for the first time.

Diane and drove overnight last night on a multi-stop run. The freight picked up in Utah on Wednesday and we made the first of four delivery stops this afternoon in New Jersey. We took a road through part of New Jersey that we have not driven before and I was pleasantly surprised.

To us, New Jersey is a congested, crazy place. There is a lot of good freight going in and out of New Jersey, but when there we often wonder about the mindset’s of the people who designed the roads. Today’s experience was totally different.

We entered the state from the south by crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge (I-295). From there we took U.S. 40 east most of the way to Atlantic City. This route took us through a number of small towns, farm fields and architecture that was a pleasant change from what we had come to expect in New Jersey. Some of the business buildings along the road had been preserved or restored and were cool to see. The abandoned ruins of others told stories of their own that harkened back to a time gone by.

We can relax a bit now that today’s delivery is complete. We drove straight through from Utah to get today’s freight off the truck before the weekend. The next three stops will be easier since they are not as far away and there will be time and good places to park along the way