Exavating company wins Cat CT660

Updated Sep 25, 2012

Truck Drives Ashore From Barge 396Barging and excavating company LPA Inc. was delivered a Caterpillar CT660 dump truck June 13 at a celebration held for the company’s victory in an online voting competition, the Win a Cat Truck contest. The voting base included more than 300 contractors and haulers around the country and was based on video submissions from contestants.

Lpa Truck Right Quarter View 462Coley Mulkern, CEO of LPA, said the company plans to use the truck in its critical supply line carrying materials from the mainland to the islands and hauling debris away for recycling and disposal.

The specially painted CT660 was specifcally equipped for extended durability in the corrosive marine environment. Extensive use of stainless steel and totally sealed electrical harnesses were part of the process.