I'm just say'n

Carolyn Magner
[email protected]

Dear Carolyn,

Please tell your readers to never give up on love. Years ago I met the love of my life. I was in the sixth grade. Janey was as beautiful inside as she was outside. Her family moved away a few years later, and we lost touch. When I was in my early 20s, I married a wonderful woman, and we had three children. She passed away from breast cancer two years ago, and our three sons have families of their own. I was so lonely that there were days I thought I’d be better off dead. My sons are great, but they have their own lives.

Then, out of the blue, an old friend of Janey’s saw my name in the paper for having a million safe miles. She called me and said that Janey was living in my town and was also single. I couldn’t believe it! I called her right away and we hit it off just like we did back then. We have been married for six months, and I can’t believe how lucky I am.

I hear truckers tell me all the time that they are lonely and what a terrible life they have. I just want them to know that even an old geezer like me can love life when there’s someone to share it with. Keep on looking. Keep on keeping on.
Silver Sam

Dear Sam,

What a lovely story. I wish you and Janey the best of luck.

Dear Carolyn,

My problem is that my boyfriend doesn’t want to get married. He likes the single life and yet doesn’t want me to date other people. I’m getting sick of waiting. I’ve dropped hints about Valentine’s Day, but if it’s like the last 10 Valentine’s Days, I won’t get a thing. Especially not a diamond ring. I know it sounds bad, but other than that, he’s a great guy.

What should I do?


Dear Kelly,

What are you waiting for? If he’s not going to commit after 10 years, you do know it’s not going to ever happen, right? I mean, you don’t need me to tell you that. I’m sure the great guy part is super, but if you want to get married and he doesn’t, that’s a deal breaker. For both of you. Obviously, he’s not hidden this crucial bit of intel from you. So do what needs to be done.

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I’m just say’n.

Dear Carolyn,

You have no idea how much pressure Valentine’s Day puts on us guys. We can’t win for losing. What should I get my wife? Flowers? Candy? Jewelry?


Dear John,

Yes. Yes and oh yes!

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