Kenworth Merchandise Collection
The 2008 Kenworth Merchandise Collection featuring nearly 60 new items is available online. Among the new items offered in the 2008 line are 11 new T-shirt designs, including The World’s Best and W900 T-shirts; 11 new cap designs with four new hats in the Kenworth outdoorsman collection; nine new outerwear styles; and five children’s items. The 2008 Kenworth Calendar in wall and appointment formats is also available, as well as the Kenworth-sponsored 2008 Trucker Buddy calendar.
Kenworth Truck Company
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Diamond-Plate Mud Flaps
Spray Control Systems Inc. has added the diamond-plate mud flap to its Minimizer line.
The new product incorporates the familiar, raised diamond “X” pattern commonly found on metal surfaces in heavy industrial settings and on many original truck parts. With the heft and look of metal, the new diamond-plate option enables drivers to keep the look of their trucks consistent throughout and gives mud flaps a high-quality, rugged appeal, the company says.

Made of the same lightweight durable polyethylene material that makes Minimizer unique, the new products will stay in shape and looking good for years, the company says.

As with all Minimizer mud flaps, the diamond-plate line can be customized at no additional cost. Customers can choose their own symbol, logo, name or word, which is etched into each diamond-plate flap. While traditional screen-printed or embossed flaps fade over time, the etched designs on Minimizer mud flaps maintain their color and vibrancy indefinitely, the company says.
Spray Control Systems Inc.
(800) 248-3855

Chrome and Metal Polishes
BlingMaster Inc.’s two new chrome and metal polish/cleaners use advanced nanotechnology to provide your vehicle a long-lasting protected finish, the company says.

BlingMaster Aluminator cleans and polishes aluminum, chrome, brass, bronze, stainless steel, gold, silver and other non-coated metal surfaces. It will impart a brilliant, mirror-like shine to all faded metal surfaces, the company says.

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For tough jobs, BlingMaster Green Stuff removes years of built-up residues on metal surfaces, the company says. Green Stuff is a more aggressive version of Aluminator and will impart a less brilliant shine. Use Aluminator after using Green Stuff for a brilliant finish.
(863) 248-2616

Tire Pressure Verification
The new, patented Air-Chex from Abba Corporation is a truck and trailer tire air pressure verification and maintenance system that allows the user to obtain accurate tire pressures from 10 feet away, the company says.

Air-Chex is designed for use with 16- to 24-inch wheels. It is easily removed, and the permanently attached low profile mounting “shoe” does not interfere with tire service, the company says. Extra shoes can be supplied free to allow you to move Air-Chex from wheel to wheel quickly.

Airing up the inner dual tires also can be done from the Air-Chex unit.
Abba Corporation
(203) 376-2212